Ball Valve 543 Pro

Time to go Pro: The upgraded 3-way Ball Valve for all mixing and distribution processes

The Ball Valve 543 Pro is the ideal valve for all mixing and distribution processes, including redirecting, mixing, distributing, or even shutting off a medium in areas of application within the chemical process industry or water applications such as desalination.

Ball Valve Pro Upgrades

Time to go Pro

As the successor of the proven original, the Ball Valve 543 Pro has been improved in many ways. A reinforced security break point in the stem interface prevents leaks due to wear or excessive force. Two integrated sealing rings in the stem interface provide double safety. Therefore, the 543 Pro offers uncompromising reliability and can be flexibly expanded with optional accessories. All previous quality features of the ball valve have been migrated to the new generation.

User-friendly operation

The ergonomically designed lever allows easy, precise operation. To protect against unintentional or unauthorized actuation, it is lockable as standard and functions with all-new accessory options. Even a tool for removing the union bush is integrated.

Lockable Lever
Safety through dead man's lever

The 543 Pro is there for you in case you forget: A manual spring return unit ("dead man's lever") ensures that the valve closes automatically when released. This reliable, compact, and cost-effective solution ensures end-to-end process safety and easily eliminates potentially far-reaching risks.

Dead Men Lever
Monitoring by the double sensor

The optional LED position feedback allows the current position of the valve to be centrally recorded and checked at any time – for manually operated and automated valves. The compact dual-sensor fits even in the tightest areas and is protected against the ingress of water and dust (protection class IP67).

Double Sensor
Information via Data-Matrix-Code

The Data-Matrix-Code on the 543 Pro simplifies storing all technical information for each valve, thus enabling individual traceability. The faultless identification of each valve facilitates easy installation, service, and repair.

Driven to maximum performance

Pneumatic and electric actuators from GF Piping Systems help make processes more efficient and reduce maintenance costs. Where appropriate, they also contribute to digitization by making it easier to access process and component data and use it to optimize the system.

Pneumatic Actuator

Expanding the Pro-Range

Ball valves are an indispensable part of every piping system. They come in various sizes, materials, and actuation possibilities to regulate and control processes in the most diverse fields of application. It is essential to trust in the highest quality components with embedded safety measures to avoid unexpected downtimes and repairs.

Reliable operation

Regarding reliability, the next generation of 3-way Ball Valves match the originals' high standards and even improve upon them thanks to being low in maintenance, available worldwide in a wide variety of materials, and having received the most certification approvals.

100% flexible

Thanks to its modular design, the Ball Valve 543 Pro can always be adapted to your requirements. The flexibility meets all-electric, pneumatic, or manual operation requirements, including optional accessories.

Contribution to digitization

The 543 Pro contributes to digitization: They can easily be retrofitted with electrical position feedback and provide relevant component information via the individual Data-Matrix-Code on each valve.

Complete compatibility

Due to the same installation length and thread as the predecessor valves, no complicated and expensive assembly work is necessary. The 543 Pro can be retrofitted with an actuator and accessories during operation and at a low cost.

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