GF Piping Systems offers its unique and extensive COOL-FIT range for all types of refrigeration requirements. 

The revolution of efficient cooling

Our COOL-FIT portfolio is a completely pre-insulated plastic piping system for refrigeration operated with brine and glycol solutions, as well as many other cooling applications. 

The efficiency of a cooling plant is defined by the system’s Coefficient of Performance (COP), the heat transfer rate at the air cooler and the efficiency of the chilled water piping system. As a contribution to the worldwide initiative to reduce CO2 emissions and their environmental impact, GF Piping Systems brings a revolution to efficient cooling.

value-bar-icon-2 Highest degree of protection against system failures by means of corrosion-free plastic components

value-bar-icon-1 Safe outdoor installation (e.g. on the roof) without any additional protective elements

value-bar-icon-5 Fast installation and commissioning with pre-insulation and electrofusion

hr Support by local specialists from GF Piping Systems

COOL-FIT 4.0 - Maximum efficiency and safety

Refrigeration Segments

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Cold Stores

In cold stores, system reliability determines the preservation of the stock and the economic foundation of the company.


A simple and cost-effective installation followed by an efficient, maintenance-free system is what every brewery manager is looking for.


Throughout the wine production process, a temperature-controlled environment and process is of paramount importance to the efficiency of the winery and the quality of the wine. 

Food & Beverage

Refrigeration processes in breweries, wineries, bakeries, dairies as well as in the meat and fish production often require accurate temperature control combined with high cooling capacity.


GF Piping Systems products offer cutting-edge technology that benefits supermarkets in particular. The COOL-FIT Portfolio helps you work with maximum efficiency and without disruption, while simultaneously reducing your maintenance and operating costs.

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