Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly hydrocarbon product. PE, like PP, is a non-polar material. Therefore, it is insoluble and scarcely swellable in conventional solvents. PE pipe cannot therefore be adhesively bonded to fittings. Welding is the appropriate connection method for the material. The most widespread in piping system construction is PE for use in underground gas and water pipe. In this area polyethylene has become the dominant material in many countries.

Modular concept

Each individual fitting and saddle is made to match and when put together form reliable leak-proof connections. Many different end combinations can be devised using just a few products. Modularity reduces stockkeeping.

Customized solutions

With ELGEF Plus, GF has the right solution for practice-related problems. We realize special customer-oriented solutions as well as tailor-made products trimmed to your particular needs.

Highest jointing quality

ELGEF Plus fittings were designed to be not only user and assembly-friendly, but also completely safe and reliable. Fittings and raw materials are subject to multiple quality tests and inspections.

Complete traceability

ELGEF Plus fittings offer complete traceability and easy identification from raw material to the final product. The unitary QR codes, compatible with track & trace, add extra value to the fittings.

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