Building Technology

The right solutions for your potable water, drainage, heating and cooling applications - durable piping solutions developed to meet the highest standards of the modern building

Potable water installations must comply with the highest hygiene standards. Hot water distribution requires an energy-efficient system including reliable measurement and control technology to ensure a high level of comfort. GF Piping Systems supplies long-lasting and efficient piping systems and valves for residential houses, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, recreational facilities and ships.

value-bar-icon-1 Hygiene solutions for potable water supply in buildings

We offer dead space free piping systems and valves for the prevention of microbiological contamination. Our hygiene solutions include reliable measurement, control technology and intervention measures to ensure the highest standards for sensitive or larger buildings, such as hotels and hospitals.

value-bar-icon-3 Comfort for living and during operating

Thanks to the full flow design of our fittings, we are offering piping systems with minimal pressure losses and noise generation. In addition, our drainage waste water pipes are mineral reinforced and therefore soundproof. Benefit from our solutions that provide the desired water temperature immediately and enjoy the maximum comfort in your bathroom.

value-bar-icon-5 Simple and easy to use, operate and fast to install

We are providing high quality and easy to install solutions for home owners, operators and planners for maintaining drinking water hygiene in hot and cold water supply, drainage, heating and cooling of residential and commercial buildings.

value-bar-icon-3 High standards for energy-efficiency and sustainability

We are offering energy-efficient systems and solutions including reliable measurement and control technology to ensure a high level of comfort and to minimize energy consumption and temperature loss of hot water supply pipes inside the buildings.

High quality materials and services

Building Technology systems and products are made of high-quality plastics and corrosion-resistant bronze, hot dip galvanized malleable cast iron with highly pure zinc raw material and brass alloys meeting all necessary drinking water approvals in your markets.
Our services are suitable for new or existing large properties and objects with hygienic-sensitive areas - monitoring your entire drinking water installation: from the entrance of a building to the tapping points.

Hotels and hospitality

Hotel guests expect first-class service and comfort, which includes perfectly functioning and environment-friendly heating, cooling and water supply systems that minimize the formation of bacteria and biofilms to risk their health and water supply and waste water drainage without disturbing noises.

Hospitals & health care

For hospitals and healthcare facilities, hygienic water distribution is a major requirement and a challenge in areas such as washing before surgeries, cleaning of surgical instruments and hospital facilities, catering, hospital cleaning and laundry.

Residential and Industrial buildings

Comfort, hygiene and sustainability are key trends in residential and office buildings. Both rely on environment-friendly heating and cooling systems as well as durable and hygienic potable water installations.

Cruise ships and ferries

When conveying potable water from the water tank in the ship engine room to the cabins, factors as corrosion-resistant and hygienic systems are important.  GF Piping Systems are robust, easy to install and provide corrosion-free solutions for the marine environment.