Hydrogen Distribution

Energized Solutions: Safety is paramount in the realm of hydrogen transport, which is why we've fortified our piping systems for the future. Our comprehensive piping components are suitable for 100% hydrogen, certified by KIWA (AR214) and DBI, ensuring secure transport of hydrogen.

Certified systems powering hydrogen distribution

Hydrogen transportation is largely facilitated via big pipelines in combination with other energy carriers such as ammonia and Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC). The repurposing of natural gas pipelines for hydrogen transportation faces some technical challenges, such as hydrogen embrittlement and permeation. Our polymer utility products have been certified “hydrogen ready” for low-pressure distribution applications, according to the requirements and regulations of our customers.

Navigating the hydrogen energy shift​

With the hydrogen energy transition accelerating, the demand for green hydrogen delivery grows, necessitating new distribution networks or upgrades to existing ones. However, hydrogen's low density and increased combustibility pose challenges, leading to embrittlement in metallic pipelines. To ensure safety and reliability, alternative materials like polyethylene are increasingly utilized for hydrogen transport.

Approvals for Hydrogen Distribution

In response to the social and industrial focus on sustainable energy sources, GF Piping Systems has already taken steps to future-proof its range of products. Our comprehensive piping components are suitable for 100% hydrogen approved by KIWA (AR214). 

In addition to that, we are proud to share our approvals for ELGEF Plus and WAGA products being 100% H2 ready tested by DBI Gastechnologisches Institut in Leipzig, Germany.

ELGEF Plus system

GF Piping Systems has become a global leader in plastic piping systems, thanks to the exceptional versatility and reliability of ELGEF Plus fittings and saddles. The wide array of components encompasses spigot fittings and an extended range of electrofusion fittings, including a unique modular electrofusion system. GF Piping Systems delivers market-oriented solutions utilizing high-quality products and by that extremely safe electro and butt fusion welds. On top of that, the company offers a complete system package, including ELGEF Plus made-to-match tools, welding machines, and services. With ELGEF Plus, customers benefit from outstanding customization options and flexibility, enabling efficient installations and infinite application possibilities. Beyond reliability, the polyethylene range contributes to global sustainability by having one of the lowest carbon footprints compared to metal systems.

MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus

Using the MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus system, hydrogen pipe networks are quick, safe, and simple to connect without the need for special tools. Thanks to the flexibility of MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus, meeting the specifications of a wide variety of materials and the outside diameters of the pipelines is no longer a challenge. Connections or repairs are carried out by means of a restraint pull-out resistance system. This eliminates the need to work with thrust blocks. Thanks to the one-size fits and grips all principle, stock costs can be saved.

Our solutions across the entire H2 value chain


Corrosion-free and safe polymer piping systems for long-lasting hydrogen applications. Embark with us on the captivating journey of the universe's smallest molecule, accompanying it from production to distribution to usage.

Hydrogen Usage

Energized Solutions: Refuelling the future with thermoplastic piping systems transporting divers media within hydrogen fuel cell systems. We produce injection molded and extruded plastic components for safe and reliable hydrogen type IV storage tanks.

Hydrogen Production

Energized Solutions: Advanced polymer piping systems for ultrapure water treatment and for cutting-edge electrolyser core technologies for sustainable hydrogen production.