Perfect Flange Connection Tool

Perfect flange connection: How to determine components and tightening torque

The right components and optimum tightening torque are crucial for permanently leak-proof and durable flange connections. Nevertheless, uncertainties often arise when choosing. This calculation tool helps you to determine components and tightening torque. 

To do this, select the material and dimension of the pipe and as well as the possible parameters for the installation point: With or without valve, flange and gasket type. 

  • As a result, you are given the size and number of recommended bolts as well as the optimum tightening torque.
  • In addition, you see the code numbers for all components of the corresponding products of GF Piping Systems.
  • The link symbol behind the code numbers leads you to the online catalog with technical detailed information and data sheets.

Depending on your needs, you can change the selected parameters in order to have various constellations calculated. The tool updates the results automatically. To start the calculation from the beginning and to delete all previous values, press the Reset button.


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