All in one solution

The matched solution between the new Pneumatic Actuator, the Ball Valve 546 Pro, and the Electro-pneumatic Positioner

GF Piping Systems new Pneumatic Actuator is made entirely from plastic, maintenance-free, and has a lifetime as long as the entire piping system. It covers a broad spectrum of valves to suit every need. Thanks to its lighter, more compact design, planning and installation are easier and more efficient. Thanks to the integrated NAMUR interfaces, additional accessories such as Electro-pneumatic Positioners and Solenoid Valves enable end-users to widen the functionality and automation level of the valve assembly. Process Automation, therefore, offers the complete product range as the full solution supplier.

Further accessories

GF Piping Systems new Electro-pneumatic Positioner line ensures a safe and high-class control and regulation function of all pneumatically actuated valves.

A positioner is not only the connection between the actuator and the process it is the gateway to digitalization. Communication interfaces like PROFINET and EtherNet/IP (Q1/22), and analog and binary feedback ensure state-of-the art integration standards and will lead the way to a digital and process data driven future.

Solenoid pilot valves are used to open and close pneumatic actuated valves by pilot controlling the pneumatic actuators. With these, it is possible to switch large valves with low power and less compressed air, as only a small coil needs to be energized and a small working chamber is filled with compressed air.  

Solenoid Valves
≤ DN 65
> DN 65
Solenoid Valves ≤ DN 65 > DN 65
Single acting actuators (FC/FO)





Double acting actuators (DA)





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50th Anniversary of Seewis

Celebrating 50 years of Swiss Quality and Innovation Expertise. Discover the history of our high-tech polymer valve and actuator factory in Seewis.

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