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GF Piping Systems' products are marine approved by classes


We are committed to enabling the safe and sustainable transport of water, gas, and chemicals at sea that are compliant with the latest regulations. Our teams develop application-oriented thermoplastic piping solutions for essential- and non-essential applications that enable fast and easy installation, profitable operations, and environmental benefits. We support our customers in implementing sustainable, future-oriented, and well-designed piping concepts with state-of-the-art planning techniques to optimize the economic efficiency of processes.

Water solutions for passenger ships, merchants, and offshore platforms
Future reliability

We empower sustainable transition and digital transformation for the maritime industry. Our first-in-class plastic piping systems ensure the sustainable treatment and transportation of fluids onboard cruise ships, merchant vessels, offshore platforms, and wind farms at sea.

Future sustainability

Lightweight thermoplastic piping systems have a lower GHG footprint than metal alternatives. Our piping systems comply with the Green Ship Passport and are made of recyclable materials and we provide environmental product declarations.

Future automation

Our experts provide a deep application knowledge of the entire process within the water treatment onboard. We offer a true partnership with a unified vision toward active water conservation. Our solutions for automated flow processes ease the way toward autonomous vessels.

Future integration partner

With 36 production facilities and a global presence of our sales representatives and consultants in 100 countries worldwide, we help you realize your new build or retrofit project from planning to commissioning.

Lightweigth & Corrosion-free

for the entire service life of the ship (at least 25 years).

Class approved

by ABS, Bureau Veritas, ClassNK, CCS, DNV, LR and RINA

Safe and hygenic

highly engineered, incrustation-free, and fire-retardant solutions


Recyclable materials and compliant with the Green Ship Passport


Full solution provider

GF Piping Systems is a provider of complete piping solutions with the customer in focus for fast and customized project delivery. Customers around the globe benefit from the broad material selection, automation solutions, and services like EngineeringDigital Libraries (CAD Libraries), or Custom Product Design and Prefabrication. Learn how our products and services have helped other customers in the maritime industry with a fast and efficient pipe renovation project on a 92.000 GT cruise ship.

GF Piping Systems' prefabrication possibilities


Our piping systems and automated flow solutions are made of lightweight, corrosion-free thermoplastics materials like for example PVC-U/C, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), or Polybutene (PB), cover applications for the transportation of water, seawater, coolants, and sewage onboard cruise ships, ferries, mega-yachts, container ships, bulk and LNG carriers, OSVs, wind farms, and offshore energy platforms.

Offshore Energy

Floating wind farms, offshore support vessels, floating cranes, or oil platforms can benefit from the easy-to-install piping solutions with automation capabilities, enabling the way to autonomous operations.


Corrosion- and maintenance-free thermoplastic piping systems have a long service life and help lower the maintenance time and cost of merchant’s vessels, bulk carriers, trawlers, and LNG carriers to a minimum.

Cruise and Ferries

Thermoplastic and multilayer piping systems safely convey the transport of water onboard passenger ships like cruise liners, mega yachts, or ferries and provide a lightweight, soundproof, and corrosion-free alternative to metal piping systems.

Fresh cold and hot water

Effective water supply thanks to a simple installation technology. Our systems are ideally suited for drinking water distribution on all types of ships. Cabins, kitchens, restaurants, and bars are efficiently supplied with fresh water. The high flexibility of the material and the easy installation technology cut time and costs to a minimum. The installers have the option to install individual or continuous lines, ring mains, T-piece branches, and continuous lines with circulation possible at every deck and in the risers of the vessel.

Sewage, black and grey water

Wastewater from sinks and showers, as well as from toilets and medical facilities, creates grey and black water that has to be conveyed safely to the wastewater treatment system on board. With the solutions from GF Piping Systems, safe transport is guaranteed. Our modern electrofusion, adhesive or mechanical jointing technology is conducive to fast installation, and the highly diversified product mix provides installers with the flexibility they require. All our plastic systems do not corrode and deliver a long service life.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning plays a vital role in onboard accommodation as it helps to have a healthy and pleasant atmosphere concerning temperature and humidity. Thermal comfort can be provided with a direct expansion system for small capacities, for big ships chilled water systems are commonly used. Thanks to the robust external jacket and the highly efficient insulation, the solution from GF Piping Systems is the right choice for a long service life onboard

Exhaust gas scrubber

The International Maritime Organization has stipulated a reduction in the maximum sulfur limit in marine fuels from 3.5% to 0.5%. All ships across the globe will mandatorily have to use low-sulfur fuels or gas instead of the high-sulfur fuel oil that currently dominates the market. Ship-owners will have to choose whether they want to use low-level sulfur fuel or scrubbing technology or other alternatives to comply with the stringent requirement.

Ballast systems and ballast water treatment

Ballast water systems ensure safe operating conditions during voyages, help ships reduce stresses on the vessel's hull, and provide transverse stability. GF Piping Systems' maintenance-free solutions help to efficiently load, distribute, and unload ballast water from 0°C to 40°C, ensuring the ship can efficiently maneuver. Also, we offer solutions for proper treatment of ballast water to help prevent the spread of invasive species. via ballast water can be prevented. GF Piping Systems' solutions show unique chemical and temperature resistance and remain corrosion- and maintenance-free for 25 years. The systems can be installed to treat seawater ballast in machinery spaces, pump rooms, cargo pump-rooms, and cargo holds of the fire endurance matrix category A, B, C, and D.

Fresh and seawater cooling

The particular feature of an engine cooling system is continuous fluid flow, which requires the careful selection of piping materials: Corrosion- and erosion-free plastic piping systems help avoid corrosion, ensuring hassle-free operations of freshwater and seawater cooling in essential applications. Thanks to HEAT-FIT, the fire-retardant pipe jacket system, cooling in essential service areas such as machinery spaces and pump rooms of categories A and B, accommodation service and control spaces, and open decks of classes J and K according to the fire endurance matrix is now possible.

Route to decarbonization

The most significant long-term challenge the maritime industry is facing is sustainability. International shipping causes around one billion tons of CO₂ each year or 2,5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. If the industry were a country, this would make it the sixth-largest emitter in the world. As a result, more and more international standards require shipbuilders, owners, and dockyards to find solutions that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as quickly as possible. As a company that is active worldwide, our mission is to show our commitment by supporting our customers' success with innovative, energy-saving solutions that make the collective global footprint more sustainable.

Class-approved marine portfolio

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