Industrial Process Water

Solutions from GF Piping Systems exceed the high quality requirements the industry puts on industrial water treatment. Long lasting solutions with a focus on high water quality and purity.

High water quality in terms of purity for production processes feed boilers and cooling systems is the key requirement and an absolute necessity for the industry today. Avoiding any form of contamination, scale formation, and corrosion is achieved through applications such as deionization, electrodialysis, and new membrane-based solutions. GF Piping Systems, with its wide range of products and automation options, offers comprehensive solutions for all applications from chemical dosing systems and media filtration applications to ion exchangers.


Key applications

GF Piping Systems develops application-oriented system solutions that enable profitable operations and are ideally suited for the water treatment industry. We support our customers in implementing sustainable, future-oriented, and well-designed plant concepts with state-of-the-art planning techniques to optimize the economic efficiency of processes.

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