FlowtraMag Meter

Designed for high accuracy flow measurement in short pipe runs. Users can configure and calibrate the 2581 using the GF Configuration Tool Bluetooth® App.

FlowtraMag 2581 is a strong, lightweight and Bluetooth® enabled full-bore plastic in-line style magmeter for high flow accuracy in compact spaces. 


Bluetooth enabled - can be configured and calibrated to the parameters required for customers system using the smartphone app.


Simple reliability and accuracy for problematic flow with ±1% of reading and repeatability of ±0.5%.

Corrision resistant

All thermoplastic body construction provides superior corrosion resistance for long, low maintenance service life and no metal contamination.

Lightweight solution

Up to 3x lighter than metal, meaning it can be placed easily in tight areas making installation easier.

Speedy installation

Savings are made with a significant improvement on installation times, with easy calibration via live reading.

Robust design

Titanium and Hastelloy® C electrodes with EPDM and FKM O-rings is ideal for expanding its chemical compatibility and application versatility.

Effortless installation

Lightweight robust construction allows both vertical and horizontal compact installs without supports.  

Effortless control

With Bluetooth® connectivity via our app, all measurements, configuration and calibrations are easily managed in the palm of your hand.

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