Mexico Open House | GFPS & GFMS

GF Piping Systems and GF Machining Solutions will be hosting its grand opening of their Apodaca, Mexico facility. Join us on May 3, 2023 to tour the facility and learn more about Georg Fischer's full solution capabilities.

Learn more about GF Piping Systems and GF Machining Solutions 

GF Piping Systems is the global expert for maintenance-free and long-lived piping systems made of plastics. They help implement vital applications of our customers faster, more cost-effective and more sustainable. GF Piping Systems supports its customers throughout all phases of their projects from planning to commissioning.

GF Machining Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of complete solutions to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components. The portfolio includes Milling, wire-cutting, and die-sinking EDM machines. Moreover, the division offers Spindles, Laser texturing, Laser micromachining, Additive Manufacturing, Tooling and Automation, as well as digitalization solutions.


Meet the Experts

With our global presence and dedicated GF Piping Solutions and GF Machining Solutions management team with year-long experience supporting and growing the business from plastic piping solutions to machining tools and mold making industry of precision components, we help our customers at every project step, from planning to commissioning. 

Please join us in Apodaca, Mexico and learn about the GF business and corporate culture, its sustainability focus as well as it broad product portfolio.  Don't miss the opportunity to speak to our local experts. Meet three of them here.

Juerg Peter, Head of Region Latin America

Juerg Peter is the Head of Region Latin America at Georg Fischer Piping System based in Sao Paulo, responsible for the the territory from Mexico to Patagonia. He spent now more than 5 years in the Piping Industry where he was previously responsible for GFPS‘ merger and acquisition department globally. Prior to that he worked in M&A for 8 years in other companies in Switzerland and London.

Julio Valls
Julio Valls, Managing Director, GF Piping Systems Mexico

Julio Valls is the Managing Director of GF Piping Systems Mexico, that takes care of the customers for the markets of Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Central America. He has an extensive experience in developing LATAM markets and leading organizations to support industrial, gas and water applications, with a large experience with thermoplastic piping systems.

Horacio Peña, Managing Director, GF Machining Solutions, Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Horacio Peña is the Managing Director of GF Machining Solutions, S.A. de C.V., a company that cares for the markets in Mexico, Central America, and part of the Caribbean. He and his team have worked for the past four years to place the GFMS product line on the top-of-mind of the markets they support. With steady growth, GFMS has been putting its products in more and more companies gaining new customers and conserving long-time GFMS machine users.

GF Piping Systems

Product Highlights: COOL-FIT, Process Automation, NeoFlow

Embrace the cold: Make your cooling circuit more efficient with robust pre-insulated plastic piping systems. Designed and optimized for fast and easy installation and at least 25 years of operations with zero interruptions and maintenance. The reliable and efficient alternative to post-insulated metal piping systems.

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Process Automation

Together as one: We make Process Automation easy!

Growing stringent safety and sustainability regulations on chemical handling ensure increased environmental and human health standards thanks to greater control in chemical reuse, reclaim, and recycling. Process Automation has an integral role in the growing need for water conservation.

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Pressure Regulating Valve: NeoFlow is a state-of-the-art technology for pressure management that can prevent your pipes over-pressurizing while delivering accurate, stable flow, and increased flow capacity to utilities.

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GF Machining Solutions

Milling Machines

GF Machining Solutions: a broad range of 3 and 5 axis vertical CNC milling machines. Our expertise in milling technology allows us to overcome your challenge no matter if you are in parts production, single parts manufacturing or mold and die.

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EDM machines from GF: The key technologies in Die-sinking and Wire cutting machines. Wide solutions' range in mold and tool making. Our machines can be used to machine conductive materials of any hardness to an accuracy of up to one-thousandth of a millimeter with no mechanical action.

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Laser Technologies

Discover our laser texturing and laser micromachining technologies: On one hand, our unique range of laser texturing machines can meet your specific needs in terms of laser texturing, laser-blasting, laser engraving, and laser etching. For the smaller high-precision parts, we offer the most complete line of laser micromachining machines in the industry.

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Product Highlights: COOL-FIT, Process Automation, NeoFlow

Sustainable water solutions

As an integral part of the GF business and corporate culture, sustainability is a core focus for the company throughout its entire organization.

Sustainable solutions at GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems is committed to enabling the safe and sustainable transport of water, gas and chemicals. Only by considering the needs of all key stakeholders can the company, the planet, and society at large thrive in the long term. Find out more about our contribution to sustainable development below.

Sustainable water solutions at GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions focuses on advancing energy-efficient and clean manufacturing. Taking action, we address environmental and social challenges throughout our organization and manufacture products that help our customers meet their sustainability targets.

Connections for Life

We connect resources, technology, and people, enabling positive change for a better future together. Creating intelligent products and solutions for every flow application makes your world more connected and ensures the safe preservation and transportation of global fluid resources. Here are some of the examples of how GF Piping Systems creates connections for life:

Connections for life
Non-revenue water

State-of-the-art pressure management technologies such as the NeoFlow PRV and long-lasting, corrosion-free polyethylene (PE) plastic piping solutions such as ELGEF Plus can help utilities to mitigate the worldwide losses of drinking water due to leakages in aging infrastructure.

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Hygiene for potable water

GF Piping Systems is focused on tackling waterborne Legionnaires' disease and ensuring that drinking water installations follow the highest hygiene standards.

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Efficient cooling

It is expected that the world population will reach close to 10 billion people by 2050, whereby two-thirds of the world population will live in cities. Therefore, sustainable urban concepts will be key to meet the environmental challenges of the future. The pre-insulated piping system COOL-FIT PE Plus enables customers to work with high efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs.

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