Water Distribution Control Valves

NeoFlow allows intelligent balance, precise and optimized pressure management to create complete harmony within your water distribution network.

GF Piping Systems new range of lightweight polymer pressure regulating valves are preventing your water distribution network from over-pressurizing while delivering accurate, stable flow and increased flow capacity to water utilities. Containing the latest state-of-art technology for pressure management, the NeoFlow pressure regulating valves are compact, easy to install, and maintain.

Co-developed with OFUI

Lightweight polymer design

Thanks to compact body design the valve is up to nine times lighter and can decrease installation time by up to 40% compared to standard metal PRVs.

Smart and versatile flow control

Integrated pilot valve with axial flow design enables the valve to be fully operating at a 1% to 100% opening, delivering extreme precision, stable flow in the most cost-efficient way.

Ease of Installation

Fully customizable and easy to integrate into the existing systems and configure to reduce pressure as required. Available also as pre-fabricated integrated plug and play solution to ensures long-lasting, hassle-free operation.

Easy to maintain

The valve can be fully serviced in less than one hour due to its mechanical simplicity and low weight.

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