Data Center Carbon Calculator

This calculation tool compares the carbon footprint of plastic pipes compared to metal pipes. It evaluates the energy required to produce the raw materials and also the energy required during the production of the pipes. The core data used to generate this comparison is openly published data available in environmental databanks, see "sources" (bottom of the page). The results are calculated in kg CO2 equivalent per meter of pipe.

The low weight per meter of plastic pipe compared to metal results in a far lower carbon footprint for plastic pipes compared to metal pipes.

For further information to the complete embedded carbon footprint of plastic pipes, ie. From cradle to grave, please refer to the LCA and EPD reports and statements available from GF Piping Systems Ltd.

Sources and Assumptions

The calculation tool uses openely published data in the "ecoinvent" database. More information can be found here:

The ESU database (ESU 2020) is based on the UVEK LCI Data 2018 (UVEK 2018). Results of an update of LCI data for crude oil, natural gas and mineral oil products were integrated in this database version (Jungbluth et al. 2018a; Jungbluth et al. 2018b; Jungbluth & Meili 2018; Jungbluth et al. 2020; Meili & Jungbluth 2018; Meili et al. 2018; Meili & Jungbluth 2019a. There are about 5150 datasets in this database. The ESU database contains 61 new and 413 updated datasets (further details on request). A prerequisite for using these datasets is a valid ecoinvent licence for v2.2.

  • * The energy required per kg per dimension of pipe has not been accessed for all dimensions. The data for 3 dimensions has provided by GF Piping Systems factories and all other dimensions have been extrapolated out from this data.
  • The results are highly indicative as they use open and in-house data
  • * * the data used for country specific CO2 eq. per kWh is based on data from 2020
  •  *** trees equivalents data is taken from one tree planted the average tree absorbs an average of 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds, of carbon dioxide per year for the first 20 years. (lifespan 100yrs)
  • **** cars : CO2 emmission, avg 123.4 CO2 per km for a petrol car bought in 2020
  • ***** aeroplanes : 115 g per passenger per km