Omicron is a pioneer in the welding of plastic pipes. For butt fusion and socket fusion, in automatic workshops and when using portable fusing machines, Omicron has been developing leading joint solutions for industrial and construction customers and for infrastructure projects since 1967. Since 2002, the Georg Fischer brand has been combining state-of-the-art technology with durable designs to make the joint right.

A tradition of technical pioneers

From butt fusion machines to the first wireless jointing robot, Omicron has been setting standards for 50 years when it comes to jointing plastic pipes.

Durable and robust

Whether in the plant or on the construction site, jointing machines are not safeguarded. Nevertheless, Omicron solutions are not uncommon to have a service life of more than 25 years.

Added value over the service life of the plant

Always up to date: Retrofits and upgrades ensure that any purchased products and machines stay up to date.

Services for pipe connector

Qualified Omicron specialists support local users with troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services all over the world.

Butt Fusion Machines

For rapid, reliable and high-quality butt fusion joints, look no further than the GF Piping Systems range of innovative, easy-to-use butt fusion machines.

Bead and Crevice Free (BCF) Fusion Machines

The BCF fusion machines made by GF Piping Systems stand up to the highest requirements in terms of quality and purity for fusion joints. The machines are ideal for high-purity applications in the pharmaceutics, biotech, foodstuffs, process and microelectronics industries.

Electrofusion Machines

Simple to operate and with an extensive memory, the GF Piping Systems range of electrofusion machines are an extremely reliable addition to any job site.

Infrared (IR) Fusion Machines

IR fusion machines, designed and produced by GF Piping Systems, meet the highest demands of mechanical stability, reproducibility and quality of fusion jointing. Typical application areas include the process and microelectronic industry.

Socket Fusion Machines

Compact, reliable, efficient and extremely versatile, GF Piping Systems socket fusion machines are the result of decades of experience in socket fusion.

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