Seamless Connectivity

Enhancing plant efficiency with digital field connectivity. Digital communication technologies such as Industrial Ethernet with EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP protocols enable state-of-the-art Process Automation.

To enhance plant efficiency, the automation industry embraces specific trends, including Industry 4.0, implementing connected systems, adopting predictive maintenance practices, and integrating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

To effectively support these trends, process plants require seamless access to device data in the field, along with state-of-the-art network technology. Industrial Ethernet enables state-of-the-art technology for wired digital communication, which has been extensively utilized in various industries for many years. Different Industrial Ethernet protocols are available, depending on the capabilities of the PLCs and the specific use cases.

Schematics of an Ethernet network topology


Ethernet technology is already the standard technology that connects the PLC with the upper-layer systems. Now, Industrial Ethernet enables the same technology at the field level as it fulfills the high requirements of industrial applications. These demanding environments are fundamentally different than at home or in the office. While special connectors and cables protect the physical properties of the connection, Industrial Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, or Modbus TCP enable failsafe deterministic operation.

GF Piping Systems Ethernet-enabled devices provide two Ethernet ports and an integrated switch that enables both line/daisy chain and star topologies. Our Electric Actuators are available with either cable glands and internal connection of Ethernet cables to the RJ45 plugs or with M12 connectors, which make it easy to connect the device without opening the housing.

Real-time communication with digital communication protocols



Modbus TCP

GF Piping Systems provides various digital connectivity technologies, extending beyond Industrial Ethernet. One such offering is Modbus RTU, a widely recognized protocol utilizing RS-485 physics. This protocol facilitates data transmission to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). By adopting Modbus RTU, users gain access to additional device data, allowing for a reduction in the number of I/O cards in the cabinet. Compatible devices include the 9950 Six-Channel Transmitter, ultrasonic flow meters, and the electric actuator range.

In addition to Modbus RTU, GF Piping Systems supports other digital connectivity technologies, such as HART and AS-I, for select devices.

Remote access via embedded web server

Our updated range of state-of-the-art Electric Actuators can easily be equipped with optional Industrial Ethernet accessory cards, enabling all the benefits of a control valve, including a web server to monitor and control the assembly.

The web server includes valuable data and documentation like:

  • All live values
  • Status + Diagnostics
  • Event logbook
  • Monitoring features (current + cycle time)
  • Firmware updates
  • Download Electric Actuator manual
  • Creation of documentation
  • Adjusting end positions
  • Manual control
Industrial Ethernet webserver

Our Industrial Ethernet offering

Electric Actuator EA25-250


Electric Actuator

Combining well-proven products with state-of-the-art technologies and durable components is vital in future critical decisions for long-lasting and safe plant operation. With a new design and additional features such as Industrial Ethernet communication standards and an improved IP68 rating, the latest generation of Electric Actuators by GF Piping Systems perfectly matches customer needs and application requirements.

Diaphragm Valve with positioner RPC D

Electro-pneumatic Positioner

Linear stroke actuators

Our compact top-mount electro-pneumatic Positioner SPC D / SPC PID has been tested and optimized for GF Piping Systems diaphragm valve type DIASTAR. Designed to optimize the flow profile of the liquid inside the pipe, these valves are made entirely of thermoplastics for excellent durability and reliability. The modular design allows them to be easily adapted to process conditions.

Ball Valve 546 Pro, PPA, RPC

Electro-pneumatic Positioner

Rotary actuators

With the electro-pneumatic Positioner RPC D / RPC PID, we deliver optimal control packed in a robust, compact housing. External operation is effortless due to the optional backlit large-screen display, which features a self-explanatory four-key interface. Enhanced functionalities such as automated control and defined set-point positioning increase the performance, efficiency, and operational possibilities of the control valve.

Success Stories

Smart Actuator @ Caramba Bremen GmbH

Bremen, Germany

Chemical mixing and dosing

Caramba Bremen GmbH relies on Ball Valves and Smart Actuators by GF Piping Systems to transport a wide range of chemicals.

Diaphragm valve with SPC and Flowmeter

Kerns, Switzerland

Automated swimming pools

The aquacenter Obwalden selected pneumatic diaphragm valves with an SPC and flowmeters by GF Piping Systems for automated flow control.

Modbus irrigation

Sicily, Italy

Digitalized irrigation

IDEA Srl has automated the irrigation of a Sicilian orange farm with valves and actuators with Modbus RTU by GF Piping Systems.

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