Ball Valve Pro Lineup

High-performance and state-of-the-art thermoplastic ball valve solutions for various water and chemical applications. Their interoperable and modular design allows for plug-and-play automation and upgrades to match every challenge.

Ready for any challenge

Ball valves are indispensable for every piping system, available in various sizes, materials, and actuation options to regulate and control processes in diverse applications. Trusting in high-quality components with integrated safety measures is essential to prevent unexpected downtimes and repairs. This is why ball valves from GF Piping Systems are ideal solutions. Whether in the Chemical Process Industry, Microelectronics, or Water Treatment, GF Piping Systems offers a broad product range that reliably covers various applications, from basic manually operated shut-off valves to fully automated control valves, meeting the highest performance and quality standards.

Versatile Ball Valves: From shut-off to automated control

Our comprehensive portfolio of highest quality ball valves and decades of experience enable us to ensure state-of-the-art technology and customizable solutions for every application. The versatile, modular design and the wide range of available materials make the Ball Valve Pro Lineup by GF Piping Systems the perfect solution for every need.

Time to go Pro

As the successors of proven originals, the Ball Valve Pro lineup has been improved in many ways. A reinforced security break point in the stem interface prevents leaks due to wear or excessive force. Two integrated sealing rings in the stem interface provide double safety. Therefore, the GF Ball Valves offer uncompromising reliability and can be flexibly expanded with optional accessories. All previous quality features of the ball valves have been migrated to the new generations.

Ball Valve Pro-Lineup Icons

User-friendly operation

The ergonomically designed lever allows easy, precise operation. To protect against unintentional or unauthorized actuation, it is lockable as standard and functions with all-new accessory options. Even a tool for removing the union bush is integrated.

Safety through dead man's lever

GF Ball Valves are there for you in case you forget: A manual spring return unit ("dead man's lever") ensures that the valve closes automatically when released. This reliable, compact, cost-effective solution ensures end-to-end process safety and easily eliminates potentially far-reaching risks.

Monitoring by the double sensor

The optional LED position feedback allows the current position of the valve to be centrally recorded and checked at any time – for manually operated and automated valves. The compact dualsensor fits even in the tightest areas and is protected against the ingress of water and dust (protection class IP67).

Information via Data-Matrix-Code

The Data-Matrix-Code on Pro Ball Valves simplifies the storage of all technical information for each valve and thus enables individual traceability. The faultless identification of each valve facilitates easy installation, service, and repair.

Driven to maximum performance

Pneumatic and electric actuators from GF Piping Systems help to make processes more efficient and reduce maintenance costs. Where appropriate, they also contribute to digitization by making it easier to access process and component data and use it to optimize the system.

Success Stories

Ball Valve 3-way chemical tank reference Kilter

Food & Beverage - Agriculture

Automating sustainable agriculture

Feeding 10 billion people while simultaneously becoming more sustainable requires big changes to the current agricultural industry. This means that the entire sector must protect the environment by maximizing the yield on smaller fields. To meet these challenges, Norwegian company Kilter has created a solution: Their AX-1 weeding robot is the first fully autonomous robot to use a Deep Learning Neural Network to ensure healthy plants and enable a more sustainable food production. For optimal results, the AX-1 relies on ball valves by GF Piping Systems to operate the tank system.

Ball Valve Chemical mixing reference Caramba

Chemical Process Industry - Chemical Mixing

Chemical mixing and dosing for 800 products

Caramba Bremen GmbH, specializing in chemical solutions for industrial applications and vehicle cleaning, relies on thermoplastic piping systems, such as the Ball Valve 546 Pro and Smart Actuators from GF Piping Systems, to mix and dose 8 million kilograms of 18 raw materials annually for 800 different products.

Ball Valve Water Treatment Reference Ekopak

Water Treatment - Reverse Osmosis

Decentralized water treatment solutions

Ekopak partners with GF Piping Systems to automate its container-based 'water as a service' offering, ensuring consistent water quality. With fluctuating inlet quality, Ekopak relies on continuous monitoring and automation for consistent results. Together, they address Ekopak's challenges, fostering a sustainable future.

Ball Valve Wastewater lithium extraction

Wastewater Treatment

Sustainable Lithium extraction

The Canadian company Saltworks Technologies Inc. specializes in industrial wastewater treatment and lithium refining. Its modernized thermal, membrane, and chemical process skids can treat industrial wastewaters, process brines for lithium refining to battery-grade solids, or extract valuable raw materials such as lithium, nickel, or cobalt. To ensure consistently high quality, Saltworks chooses to install complete Process Automation solutions by GF Piping Systems in their skids and containers.

Want more stories?

Have a look at our reference case collection and learn how GF Piping Systems has helped our customers improve water quality and ensure operational safety.

Enhancing plant efficiency with digital field connectivity

To enhance plant efficiency, the automation industry is embracing specific trends. These trends include Industry 4.0, implementing connected systems, adopting predictive maintenance practices, and integrating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Our Industrial Ethernet connectivity options help to plan flexible networks and commission the devices quickly and easily,  including access to all relevant device parameters.

GF Piping System offers Industrial Ethernet for both Electric Actuators and Electro-pneumatic Positioners.

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Connectivity Protocols - PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus
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