Corrosion-free and safe polymer piping systems for long-lasting hydrogen applications. Embark on the captivating journey of the universe's smallest molecule, accompanying it from production to distribution to usage.

Energized Partnerships

In the accelerating global energy transition, hydrogen has emerged as the potential missing piece to decarbonize even the most difficult-to-abate industries and as a key enabler to reach net zero by 2050. In this transformative energy landscape, GF Piping Systems is your preferred partner for hydrogen projects around the globe as a leading supplier of piping systems for the safe and reliable transport of liquids and gases. With more than 60 years of thermoplastic expertise, we offer corrosion-free polymer solutions across the hydrogen value chain for a seamless and efficient integration into your hydrogen applications.  


Global network

With a presence in more than 31 countries and 36 production sites, GF Piping Systems ensures project support at every step of the process.

Time to market

The global presence and fast and easy installation technologies help to achieve construction excellence and reduce time to market.

Fast to install

Installation of piping systems an be done 50% faster thanks to electrofusion, innovation jointing and insulation technologies.


Thermoplastic piping systems are up to 60% lighter than steel and significantly reduce the environmental impact on transportation.

Energized synergies​

Energized performance

Efficient hydrogen production relies on durable components. Water entering the electrolyser system faces continuous potential contamination from metal ions derived from the metallic piping and ions and organics from the electrolyser stack itself, posing a risk to the electrolyser’s lifespan. Our plastic solutions prevent ion leaching (dissolved ions from the material leading to degradation and corrosion of the system), maintaining low conductivity values while offering corrosion-free advantages over metallic alternatives. Committed to excellence, we leverage accredited in-house testing facilities and expert knowledge to meticulously select polymer materials, maintaining project excellence without compromise.

Energized safety

By prioritizing operational safety, we offer lifetime verification, on-site QA/QC, and installation client support. Leveraging the intrinsic chemical resistance of polymers, our performance materials offer a dependable solution for transporting diverse media like potassium hydroxide (KOH), glycol water, and liquid ammonia. Potential technical risks associated with hydrogen transportation, such as hydrogen embrittlement and leakage through hydrogen-induced cracks in steel, can be avoided using high-quality polymer materials.

Energized sustainability

Plastic piping systems have a lower overall carbon footprint than metal solutions due to their longevity and maintenance-free quality. This drastically reduces the need for repair, hence the operating and overall costs. At GF Piping Systems, we assist new customers daily contemplating the transition from metal to plastic for their applications, supporting them throughout every project phase, from planning to commissioning and operating. Continuous life cycle assessments validate the environmental performance of our systems through third-party assessments, such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). This makes them a compelling choice for sustainable construction projects.

Energized global network​

Energized expertise

Our strong global footprint enables us to serve customers wherever they are, effortlessly accessing our solutions via our global network. This global footprint ensures consistent quality and technological expertise, when and where you need it. Operating in over 31 countries and across 36 production facilities, GF Piping Systems is committed to providing comprehensive project support throughout every stage of the process. Our aim is to achieve construction excellence and minimize time to market.

Energized engineering

Elevate your hydrogen system with premium services. Our system package includes comprehensive planning for customized retrofitting and efficient design with advanced engineering solutions utilizing our 3D libraries. Our engineering services include stress analysis for effective thermal expansion management in hydrogen applications, ensuring a prolonged service life. Furthermore, our comprehensive offerings encompass robust simulations and calculations, such as flow evaluations, velocity determination, chemical resistance review, and a rigorous assessment of precise calibrations for sensors based on defined parameters. These examples represent a short glimpse of the diverse services we can provide.

Energized installation

Utilizing plug-and-play solutions, innovative jointing technologies and pre-fabrication methods all help to reduce on-site project and operation lead times. Global sourcing and accelerated installation processes further contribute to a substantial reduction in time to market.

Our solutions across the entire H2 value chain

Production Applications

Our polymer piping systems cover various applications, from ultrapure water treatment to the transport of various media for electrolyser technologies. A common challenge is the impurities caused by dissolved ions in metal components, leading to accelerated degradation and corrosion. Corrosion-free polymer piping systems offer a solution that extends the lifespan of applications, particularly in stacks. This prolonged lifespan directly impacts the cost of hydrogen production.

Usage Applications

The increasing attention to hydrogen's significance in mobility has spotlighted fuel cells, where our conductivity sensors enhance measuring accuracy within cooling water loops. Paired with a hydrogen storage system, fuel cell systems facilitate pollution-free energy generation. For storage purposes, we offer high-quality injection-molded and extruded plastic inner liner components for type IV hydrogen tanks, crafted from PE100 and various grades of PA.

Distribution Applications

Ensuring safety is paramount in the distribution of hydrogen. Our product lines, designed for realiable hydrogen distribution, hold crucial approvals from KIWA (AR214). Moreover, the ELGEF Plus and MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus product ranges have obtained 100% hydrogen-ready certification, validated by the DBI (Gas Technology Institute in Leipzig, Germany).

Hydrogen Background

News channel

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Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europe is the European association representing the interest of the hydrogen industry and its stakeholders and promoting hydrogen as an enabler of a zero-emission society. With more than 400+ members, including 25+ EU regions and 30+ national associations, we encompass the entire value chain of the European hydrogen and fuel cell ecosystem. Our vision is to propel global carbon neutrality by accelerating European hydrogen industry.


The NWBA was established to combine the strengths of government, industry and research institutions in order to further develop hydrogen technology, accelerate its application and thus create opportunities for Dutch industry.

Speak to an Expert

To provide you with the best service, please give us some short information about your project, so we can assign the piping consultant that fits best with your needs. How about meeting one of our experts at the next hydrogen expo? Our global senior business development manager Rachel Bros De Puechredon is eager to explore new H2 ventures.​

“Every hydrogen device needs a system around it, and not just pipes – they need a variety of different valves and actuators, measurement and control sensors, to make it safe,” Rachel says. “That’s the beauty of it – in many ways, this business is already part of GF Piping Systems’ DNA.”​
Rachel Bros De Puechredon (Global Senior Business Development Manager)

Process automation

We use our know-how and experience of the complete control loop to solve the entire process challenge. With you at every step of the process, enabling the design, selection, and installation of Process Automation systems. With Process Automation, GF Piping Systems can supply every customer not just with the highest quality parts but with an interoperable all-in-one solution.

Together as one: We make Process Automation easy