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The INSTAFLEX plastic pipeline system is ideally suited for applications in building technology, whether cold or hot water, cooling systems or compressed air lines.

The INSTAFLEX plastic pipeline system is designed to meet the highest requirements of diverse building technology applications – from distribution to the extraction point. Polybutene, a material specially developed for these applications, offers numerous benefits, from limited expansion force to low weight, space-saving installation, simple processing and high hygiene during operation.

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Your State-of-the-Art Drinking Water Installation

Wide range of dimensions

The INSTAFLEX system stands out with a wide range of available sizes (d16 mm to d315 mm). The same system can be used equally in a single-family detached house, in a hospital or even on board of a luxury ocean liner.

Hygienic pipe system

Polybutene is corrosion-free and does not release any taste or pollutants. Its smooth surface also prevents limescale deposits.

Quick and easy installation

The flexibility of polybutene allows small changes in direction without adapters. This saves additional parts and valuable time during installation on-site. Polybutene remains flexible and easy to handle even at low temperatures.

Cost-effective prefabrication

Using the Z-dimension method of GF Piping Systems, individual components can be cost-effectively prefabricated in the workshop and quickly installed at the construction site.


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Sustainable large-scale project by armasuisse Immobilien

The Auenfeld barracks on the Frauenfeld (Switzerland) weapons site will be refurbished and expanded in four stages by the end of 2030 at a cost of 326 million Swiss francs. Energy efficiency, building ecology and health enjoy a high priority at armasuisse Immobilien, the DDPS real estate expertise center. The target is a certification of the buildings according to Minergie-ECO. The corrosion-free plastic piping system INSTAFLEX from GF Piping Systems meets the required sustainability criteria and offers further benefits.

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