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The right solutions for your potable water, drainage, heating and cooling applications - durable piping solutions developed to meet the highest standards of the modern building

Potable water installations must comply with the highest hygiene standards. Hot water distribution requires an energy-efficient system including reliable measurement and control technology to ensure a high level of comfort. GF Piping Systems supplies long-lasting and efficient piping systems and valves for residential houses, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, recreational facilities and ships.

Our Expertise

Drinking water hygiene

Ensuring drinking water hygiene and minimizing legionella risks - well thought-out planning, construction and operation of water installations are crucial.

High quality materials and services

Building Technology systems and products are made of high-quality plastics and corrosion-resistant bronze, hot dip galvanized malleable cast iron with highly pure zinc raw material and brass alloys meeting all necessary drinking water approvals in your markets.
Our services are suitable for new or existing large properties and objects with hygienic-sensitive areas - monitoring your entire drinking water installation: from the entrance of a building to the tapping points.


  • Space heating applications: Products that are suitable for the higher temperature demands of space heating for; radiators, underfloor systems and other types of heat emitters. 
  • Domestic hot water applications: Products suitable for use in heated mains water applications where the water is used for; baths, showers, basins and sinks Mains cold water applications: Products suitable for distribution of mains cold water (including boosted cold water). The water may for a variety of purposes and not always drinking water, (see below). 
  • Drinking water applications: Products suitable for distribution of mains cold water supply specifically intended for drinking water purposes. 
  • Chilled water applications: Products suitable for lower temperatures supplying chilled water services 
  • Gas applications: Products suitable distribution of gaseous mediums. 
  • Chemical waste applications: Products suitable to discharge waste chemicals.
  • Flame Retardant: Products with flame retardant properties 
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