As general-purpose and high-performance sensors, GF pH/ORP electrodes are ideal for a wide range of applications.

GF pH/ORP electrodes are versatile process sensors with unique designs and long service lives for use in everything from general purpose to harsh media applications. When connected to the GF 2751 pH/ORP smart sensor electronics and GF 9900/9950 Transmitter, customers have available to them a wide range of features and benefits.

Memory chip-enabled

All GF pH and ORP electrodes are memory chip-enabled for convenient data storage and access to a wide range of unique features. Stored calibration data, operational data, manufacturing data and electrode health monitoring combine to facilitate troubleshooting and remote calibration, thereby minimising system downtime and increasing safety.

Designed to last

The patented DryLoc® connector with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated contacts ensures robust connection to sensor electronics. Durable housing protects against mechanical damage and ensures excellent compatibility with a wide range of chemicals. The dirt-repellent PTFE junction and the special formulation glass, used for high-performance electrodes, ensure accuracy and longevity in the process.

Electrodes for general-purpose applications

These process sensors are designed for harsh media applications with elevated temperatures, suspended solids and high concentrations of chemicals for optimal performance, equipment cost-savings and reduced maintenance frequency.

Smart Sensor Electronics

GF pH/ORP smart sensor electronics offer vastly improved diagnostics, performance and convenience while ensuring maximum process and data integrity. The 2751 is the solution for field-free calibration, helping to reduce system downtime, system calibration time and calibration costs. The automatic health check also cuts down on time-consuming maintenance and calibration.

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