Food Production

During the manufacturing and processing of foods, reliable cooling is essential for production that is both faultlessly hygienic and economically efficient.


The dairy industry has numerous requirements for cooling and refrigeration. Cooling of milk via a plate heat exchanger, cooling of the storage tanks for the milk or storage areas for other milk-based products and foodstuffs are the most common applications.


The baking process is a highly temperature-sensitive process. For large industrial bakeries or smaller regional plants, the cooling system is critical in bakery operations. Chilled water and glycol solutions must be distributed efficiently, accurately and safely in such plants.

Meat & Fish

Food production halls, packaging areas for fresh food and the production processes themselves are all areas where temperature-controlled environments are essential. Especially in working areas where foodstuffs are exposed to the surrounding environment, secondary refrigeration systems with propylene glycol (MPG) are not only common, but often also required by law, due to the possibility of food contamination by leaking refrigerant gases.

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