Connections for life

GF Piping Systems is the leading flow solutions provider across the world. We enable the safe and sustainable transport of fluids. Our business is driven by maintaining industry-leading sustainability levels, innovating through digitally enabled solutions, and investing in a culture built on performance, learning, and caring.

We connect resources, technology, and people, enabling positive change for a better future together. Creating intelligent products and solutions for every flow application makes your world more connected and ensures the safe preservation and transportation of global fluid resources.

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Here are some of the examples of how GF Piping Systems creates connections for life: 

Non-revenue water

State-of-the-art pressure management technologies such as the NeoFlow PRV and long-lasting, corrosion-free polyethylene (PE) plastic piping solutions such as ELGEF Plus can help utilities to mitigate the worldwide losses of drinking water due to leakages in aging infrastructure. We reduce non-revenue water (NRW) by preventing pipes from being over-pressurized while delivering stable flow capacity, by testing the leak tightness of piping joints using our unique Ultrasonic Non-Disruptive-Testing capabilities, and by reducing corrosion with our engineered plastic solutions. Whether combined or individually applied, this highlights how GF's pioneering technology can help reduce the estimated USD 39 billion of non-revenue water lost annually.

Hygiene for potable water

GF Piping Systems is focused on tackling waterborne Legionnaires' disease and ensuring that drinking water installations follow the highest hygiene standards. The Hycleen Automation System, developed and produced by GF Piping Systems, is a state-of-the-art circulation control system that ensures uniformly high temperatures and water exchange in the piping network, which prevent Legionella infestation thanks to hydraulic balancing and automatic flushing. This system is simple to install and operate, allowing for energy savings due to automated hydraulic balancing.

Efficient cooling

It is expected that the world population will reach close to 10 billion people by 2050, whereby two-thirds of the world population will live in cities. Therefore, sustainable urban concepts will be key to meet the environmental challenges of the future. The pre-insulated piping system COOL-FIT 4.0 enables customers to work with high efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs. For example, a cold food store uses 1'500 meters of piping to transport cold water for the cooling system. COOL-FIT releases about 100 tons less CO2 than a metal system during production and operation. This saving is equivalent to a journey of 446'000 kilometers by car.

Process Automation solutions for water treatment.

GF's leading process automation technology ensures our water treatment customers are able to close the control loop. The measurement and control technology provides system and process data that allows customers to optimize their applications. Pneumatic and electric actuators allow the more efficient deployment of staff and a higher degree of process and quality control. And our world-leading valves, fittings and jointing technology brings guaranteed excellence to your operations.

Performance materials for key industries

Throughout our 219-year history, our purpose has been to become better every day. With every new industry we provide support for, we focus on creative solutions that improve what came before. Whether that's creating solutions for the otherwise energy-intensive cooling process of the increasing number of data centers, developing solutions that are lighter and longer-lasting to enable the marine industry to reduce CO2 levels and fuel consumption while increasing load capacity, or developing double containment systems that provide optimal safety for high-risk and highly demanding applications within the chemical processing, microelectronics, and food and beverage industry. GF Piping Systems protects and preserves what is precious.

Facts and figures

  • Established: 1802 (Georg Fischer AG) in Switzerland
  • Locations: sales companies in 31 countries
  • Turnover: 2,16 billion Swiss francs (2022)
  • Employees: 8'085 (2022)

Reliability and cost savings with plastic

The plastic piping systems from GF Piping Systems are non-corrosive and do not need replacing throughout the system's entire service life. Therefore, they contribute to the increased reliability of the system while lowering maintenance costs and staff requirements. They are excellently suited for applications involving drinking and sewage water, coolants, acids, leaches, and other chemicals, as well as abrasive compounds. Weighing up to 60 percent less than metal systems, they have lower static requirements and are easier to transport. Innovative jointing technologies such as cementing or integrated electrofusion allow them to be installed up to 50 percent faster. What is more, their low carbon dioxide footprint, energy efficiency, and recyclability are essential in lowering their environmental impact.

Everything for complete system solutions

Maintenance-free plastic

Piping systems made of plastics are maintenance-free, light, and very durable. They help reduce repair and overall costs and are suitable for the transport of drinking water, abrasive and aggressive liquids, and gas.

Complete system solutions

With more than 60'000 products, GF Piping Systems can offer complete system solutions. In addition, custom-made special parts and special series are also possible. Customers benefit from perfectly matched solutions from a single source.

Local support

GF Piping Systems has its own sales companies in 31 countries, which means it is always by its customers' side. Our production sites in 36 locations in America, Europe, and Asia ensure sufficient availability and quick, reliable delivery.

Specialized Solutions in all project phases

GF Piping Systems supports its customers both in the initial switch from metal to plastic and in retrofits – across all project phases. They benefit from more than 60 years of experience in plastic systems and application knowledge from 100 countries. With Specialized Solutions, GF Piping Systems supports the design and installation of state of the art plastic piping systems, so that owners and planners can concentrate on their daily business without interruption. GF Piping Systems is present every step of the way, from the design phase all the way through to installation and maintenance.

Partner for digitization

With its advanced automation and digitization solutions, GF Piping Systems allows its customers to optimize their applications and gain easier access to their system data. Digital tools like the chemical resistance tool support them in every phase of the project.

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