GF Corys

Innovative piping solutions to meet the vision of sustainable growth for the Middle East. Together To Tomorrow.

They say if you want to go far, go together. And the challenges we face today in building the infrastructure of tomorrow require us to go far indeed. The vision for growth in the Middle East is tremendous in scale, including developing resilient urban and industrial infrastructure designed to overcome sustainability-focused challenges, including water security, energy efficiency, water loss, and safe and trustworthy chemical processes. These can only be solved by people and technology working together.

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About Us

A Dynamic Solution for a Dynamic Region

GF Corys stands as a newly combined entity focused on delivering world-class piping solutions across utilities, industry, and building technology to a dynamic Middle East landscape. Corys brings 40+ years of local knowledge and experience, an integral part of building much of the critical piping infrastructure in the region. This regional expertise is now bolstered by the unparalleled global technology, innovation, and scale of GF, a global company with over 220 years in business and responsible for some of the most important water technologies of the modern era.

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GF Corys Piping Systems LLC - Dubai

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United Arab Emirates

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