Protection Requirements

Occupational safety and environmental protection requirements for contractors

Protection Requirements for Contractors

We draw your attention to the fact that you, as the order taker, are solely obliged, responsible and liable for the following provisions:

- Compliance with the plant's own general and specific occupational health and safety and environmental protection regulations (in accordance with on-site instruction).

- Compliance with safety regulations in connection with the nature of your contract activity (in accordance with the Employee Protection Act and implementing regulations)

- Supervision of your employees and other vicarious agents

Prior to commencing any work at +GF+, you as a contractor are required to comply with the items listed below:

- Bring and use personal protective equipment (PPE) consisting of safety shoes, protective gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection and safety helmet.

- When working in areas exposed to falls, the appropriate PPE against falls (safety harness, fall arrester or fall arrester, slings, climbing helmet, etc.) must be brought along and used. (Note: PPE is not provided by +GF+!)

- Notification to your contact person/ project manager of +GF+

- written acknowledgement and confirmation of compliance with safety regulations

- Dangerous activities (such as hot work, work in EX areas as well as in containers) are to be evaluated together with the +GF+ contact person/ project manager. The required safety measures are to be documented in writing in the +GF+ "Release Certificate for Hazardous Activities". Compliance with the defined safety measures is mandatory.

- Proof of their expertise in connection with the operation of self-propelled work equipment as well as cranes (internal driving authorizations will only be issued upon presentation of a valid certificate).

Upon completion of your work at +GF+, you, as the contractor, are required to comply with the items listed below:

- Leaving/ leaving your work area in an appropriately clean and tidy condition.

- Report completion of the job in person to your +GF+ contact person/project manager.

- Signing off with your +GF+ contact person/project manager before leaving the factory premises.

With your acceptance of the order you accept the safety regulations at Georg Fischer top Fittings Traisen!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your +GF+ contact person!