Stress Less® Pipe Support System

Finally, a pipe support system engineered for plastic pipe to maximize the service life of your piping system by eliminating thermal expansion stress and overtightening of clamps onto the pipe.

Our decades of engineering experience in designing plastic piping systems led us to develop a pipe support system specially designed to eliminate stress transfer to the pipe caused by thermal expansion or overtightening of clamps onto the pipe. The patented design consists of a uniquely designed plastic insert that allows for pipe movement during thermal expansion and prevents severe pipe impact when seismic accelerations occur. The trivalent chrome-coated metal hoop meets pipe hanger and support standards and withstands a myriad of operating conditions, including the seismic and corrosive environment.

Stress Less® Pipe Support System is engineered to protect and extend the life of thermoplastic materials and systems: PP, PE, PVC, CPVC, ABS, and PVDF pressure, waste, and double-contained piping systems. The metal hoops are coated with a trivalent gold chromium-coated steel which protects the brackets from rusting, corrosion, and wear. The plastic inserts are made from a UV resistant polypropylene plastic for added durability.  Stress Less products can be installed in a myriad of environments including indoor or outdoor, corrosive environment, and high purity facilities.

Extended Size Range:

  • d20 – d315 mm Metric pipe guides
  • d20 - d63mm Metric vertical supports
  • d20 - d315 mm Metric clevis hangers
  • d20 - d63 mm Metric GF valves mounting inserts
  • 1/2" - 12" IPS pipe guides
  • 1/2" – 2" IPS vertical supports
  • 1/2" – 12" IPS clevis hangers
  • 1/2" - 2" IPS GF valves mounting inserts


  • Pipe support plastic inserts – Polypropylene with UV inhibitors
  • Pipe support metal hoops - trivalent gold chromium-coated steel
  • Valve supports - PP / glass filled PP
  • Hardware - stainless steel
value-bar-icon-1 Protects plastic piping systems

The gap between the plastic insert and the outer diameter of the pipe allows the pipe to slide freely with minimal stress and wear during each thermal expansion cycle, extending the life of the piping system and preventing installers from overtightening.

value-bar-icon-gear2 Engineered control

Protects against thermal expansion, seismic conditions, water hammer events, and performs in corrosive environment, indoor/outdoor and high purity facilities.

value-bar-icon-2 Versatile install options

Multiple mounting options and configurations such as flat surface or strut channels direct mount, or horizontal, vertical or hanging mount. A full range of IPS and Metric sizes is available.

value-bar-icon-6 Durability and support

Corrosion and chemical resistant, UV protected, and meet and exceed standards to support piping systems.

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