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NeoFlow Pressure Regulating Valve

NeoFlow allows intelligent balance, precise and optimized pressure management to create complete harmony within your water distribution network.

Protect your water distribution network from excess pressure and reduce leakage rates and pipe bursts. NeoFlow is a state-of-the-art technology for pressure management that can prevent your pipes over-pressurizing while delivering accurate, stable flow, and increased flow capacity to utilities. 

Compact, intelligent, and low maintenance

NeoFlow PRV cut-out NeoFlow PRV cut-out

Co-developed with OFUI

NeoFlow Pressure Reducing Valve

Protect your down-stream network against excessive pressure with the intelligent NeoFlow pressure reducing valves.

Dealing with non-revenue water ?

What is non-revenue water?

What is pressure management?

Increase sustainability impact

NeoFlow Online Game

Try to solve the challenge of the pressure problem in a water network together with your sidekicks Peter and Klara. Can you provide the city with a reliable water supply?


NeoFlow 2-in-1 Tool

Determine the right NeoFlow PRV for your system while calculating the head loss in your water network with the NeoFlow 2-in-1 tool.



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