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Automated Piping Solution For Health and Care Facilities

GF Piping Systems offer comprehensive water management systems and products targeted specifically for the needs of health and care facilities.

GF Piping Systems offer a portfolio of systems and products targeted specifically for the needs of health and care facilities. Our wide product portfolio enables complete system integrity, and our automation solutions provide stress-free operation and maximize the efficiency of ongoing maintenance.

We are pioneering piping systems and technology that delivers safe and effective water management systems in buildings, including advanced solutions that meet the distinct needs of health and care facilities and enable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting capability within your enterprise. Tailored to ensure facilities can be more energy-efficient and provide the highest levels of safety and comfort for both patients and staff, we’ve designed our solutions to improve sustainability, exceed compliance, and lower maintenance costs - today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Hygiene assured

Prevent and protect against disease with safe, clean water – a foundational element in medicine and care.

Efficiency assured

Manage resources, prevent water loss, and save energy with digitized system controls and environmentally friendly design.

Lifetime assured

Benefit from solutions designed around your requirements that meet the highest hygiene standards, and are crafted to last.

Quality asssured

Maximise your water system efficiency with data insights via our unique cloud tools and platform.

Hycleen Automation System

The Hycleen Automation system is the digital all-in-one solution for health and care facilities to manage and optimize their water system. It revolutionizes sanitary automation processes and secures the safe supply of potable water in hospitals and care facilities. Hycleen consistently maintains safe temperatures in hot and cold water throughout buildings by ensuring that sensors, valves, and software work together. Intelligent software digitizes the otherwise complex inaccurate and maintenance-intense manual processes of hydraulic balancing and flushing the water system.


Comprehensive water management solutions

Our water management solutions are designed for longevity, recyclability, and maximum efficiency when distributing hot and cold water. This way, we minimize your environmental impact across the life of your water systems. Throughout our global manufacturing facilities, we are committed to reducing the CO₂ emissions by 21% by 2025 within our production processes and facilities and ensuring that social or environmental benefits accompany 70% of all product sales.

One partner from specification to operation

Our specialized solutions teams provides project support every step of the way to achieve construction excellence. Because of our depth of knowledge of applications and skills in water management solutions for healthcare facilities, we can work alongside you during the specification, execution, and maintenance phases for your construction, renovation and maintenance projects. Our many years of experience in developing and producing holistic water management, sanitation, heating and cooling systems combined with the knowledge of the industry make us a qualified, professional partner for every situation and all stakeholders.

Specialized solutions


Peer Gynat Hospital, Moss, Norway

The Moss municipality has installed the Hycleen Automation System to optimize drinking water hygiene and automatically ensure a consistently high temperature and regular water replacement throughout the hot water supply system. In addition to installing the system, a prior mapping of the hot water system enabled the removal of seldom used branches and dead-end pipes, which helped reduce energy demand for the circulation and regular flushing required in these pipes.

The evangelical hospital Paul Gerhardt Stift, Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, Germany

The specialist care hospital decided to Invest in improved hot water generation, hydraulic balancing, and optimizing circulation control with Hycleen Automation System. The system ensures the hydraulic balancing of the entire hot water drinking water network, provides perfect hygienic conditions, and optimizes energy consumption. The digitally controlled valves can also easily be retrofit on cold water pipes in the future. The permanent monitoring of the limit temperatures and the automatic cleaning processes increases operational safety and saves additional legionella tests and expensive hazard analysis.

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Senior Citizen Center, Thüringen, Germany

The Care facility invested in the rehabilitation of its water network to remove the threat of contaminated drinking water, ensure long-term hot water provision, and meet important hygiene parameters. By installing Hycleen Automation System, the engineering team can guarantee the hydraulic adjustment of hot water and the automatic flushing of circulation lines.

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