Founded in Sori, Italy, in 1982, TP Piping manufactures quality valves and fittings for use in a range of plastic piping applications including swimming pools, fish farming, irrigation and water treatment facilities. All of the company’s ball, check and butterfly valves are made of highly robust PVC-U. TP Piping has been a GF Piping Systems company since 1999 and holds UNI EN ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification.

Unparalleled production

TP Piping fittings use solvent cement as a simple, quick and reliable jointing mechanism, while the absence of metal parts guarantees zero corrosion.

A wide range of applications

TP Piping products are key components of plastic piping systems installed in swimming pools, spas, water treatment facilities, fish farms, crop fields and more.

Longstanding expertise

TP Piping has been producing valves and fittings for almost forty years and is known as one of the most reliable and professional suppliers in the business.

Stringent quality standards

TP Piping continuously monitors and refines its production processes to guarantee the best possible quality (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001-certified).

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