Contain-It™ Clear PVC Secondary Containment Piping System

The Contain-It secondary containment piping system comprises lightweight, clear PVC split pipes and fittings that are easy to fit over primary piping systems.

The Contain-It secondary containment piping system is made up of lightweight, clear PVC split pipe and fittings that is easily installed over virtually any primary piping system providing a cost effective, double containment system.

Wide range of applications

When combined with GF’s variety of primary piping systems, the Contain-It system is suitable for virtually any piping application, from pressure process lines to drainage waste systems; we have you covered.


Split rigid or flexible termination fittings seal the containment system to the primary piping systems, while centralizers center and support a wide range of carrier pipes sizes from IPS, Metric and CTS to name just a few.

Simple installation procedures

Contain-It requires less equipment to install than other double containment systems, as you will not have to align any seals or hinges, making it a cost-effective and simple solution.

Clear PVC material

The transparent design allows you to inspect above-ground piping systems without having to rely on expensive leak detectors, saving you time, effort and money.


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