The JRG Sanipex MT drinking water installation system consists of cross-linked PE-X multilayer pipes with fittings produced using a two-layer molding process coupled with the innovative cone grip union connection technology. The transition fittings and system fittings are made of gunmetal. The system is characterized by high corrosion resistance and hygienically perfect, water pocket-free connections, which are detachable and can be reused.

Easy assembly

Connections of the JRG Sanipex MT system in all dimensions are possible with simple tools. The cone grip connection is easy to release and reassemble without new or additional fittings.

Perfect hygiene

The full pipe cross-section of the JRG Sanipex MT systems comes without water pockets and is thus no breeding ground for Legionella and bacteria. This is made possible by the cone grip union connection technology.

Resistance to corrosion and limescale

The high corrosion and limescale resistance of JRG Sanipex MT offers protection against pipe closures, pipe fractures as well as against calcified devices and installations in the home.

Green building products certification

JRG Sanipex MT consists entirely of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The pipe system is therefore certified according to BREEAM, LEED and DGNB.

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