What makes JRG Sanipex MT unique? The multilayer pipes and fittings are produced in the two-layer injection moulding process combined with the ingenious flared clamp connection technology. Combined with many other benefits this makes the holistic system ideal for distribution, riser, and connection lines in single-family homes and large-scale projects for drinking water, heating, cooling, or compressed air.

Genius does not age

JRG Sanipex MT - the holistic system for hygienically perfect pipe connections. For 20 years, the system continues to provide:

  • Full pipe cross-section without dead spaces and only with minimal pressure losses
  • Detachable and reusable connection from d12 - d63
  • Corrosion and limescale resistant plastic technology
  • Noise-less flow owing to the full pipe cross-section
  • NEW: Fitting insulation shells
  • NEW: additional PE-RT pipes
Hygiene certificate (PDF)

Water-pocket free: Hygienically flawless and safe

Water-pocket free: Hygienically flawless and safe. The flared clamp connection technology ensures that the connection does not provide a breeding ground for legionella or bacteria. The full pipe cross-section without dead space has further benefits: Only minimal flow noise is generated, and there are practically no pressure losses.

Rely on tested safety: GF Piping Systems has provided proof in a scientific expert opinion from the Fraunhofer Institute that all connection points meet sterility criteria.

JRG Sanipex MT World Cup

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of our building technology system JRG Sanipex MT, we challenged the world's best building services installers to prove their installation speed on the installation wall.  

Within 117.2 seconds, defending champion Conrad Ekholt from Norway retain his title. After his successes in the last competitions in 2012 and 2013, this is now his third world title in a row.

The competition was tight, though, as the second-place winner, Eros Bradanini (Italy, 117.9 sec), came very close. Nicola Lafranconi, also from Italy (119.8 sec), receives the bronze medal. 

The JRG Sanipex MT World Cup roadshow trailer visited ten countries from May to December 2021, with over 200 installers taking part in the installation World Cup.

Conrad Ekholt

4 reasons why JRG Sanipex MT is exactly the right system for you

Easy assembly

The Fraunhofer Institute confirms that the system has no dead spaces, which means that it does not provide a breeding ground for legionella or bacteria.

Resistance to corrosion and limescale

You can use the robust plastic system anywhere in building technology (drinking water, heating, cooling, compressed air), as it is particularly resistant to corrosion and limescale.

Well-proven and constantly improved.

You do not have to experiment because, with JRG Sanipex MT, you rely on a system that has been tried and tested for 20 years, continuously optimized, and further developed.

Easy installation

You can assemble the system quickly and easily, as you only need simple tools to make connections in all dimensions. The flared clamp connection technology is also easy to detach and reuse.

Good for you - certified for the environment

Did you know? JRG Sanipex MT is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, which is why the pipe system is certified according to BREEAM, LEED, and DGNB.

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