Pressure Reducing Valves

These compact valves for water installations are made of bronze and are designed to reduce the upstream pressure to a lower, constant pressure level.

By definition, a pressure reducing valve has to perform well under pressure. Thanks to their intelligent design, GF Piping Systems’ pressure valves will work in any position, allowing them to be integrated into a multitude of piping systems. The dimensions are extremely compact for ease of installation, and aside from occasionally cleaning the strainer, no special maintenance is required. Different pressure ranges are available.

Outstanding performance

Available in various pressure ranges ensuring the defined pressure level for sanitary installation and equipment connected to it regardless to upstream pressure fluctuations.

Minimal installation height

The dimensions of these valves have been reduced as much as possible allowing them to be installed in even the most confined spaces and works regardless of its position.

Intelligent design features

All water-carrying parts are made of bronze, stainless steel, plastic and rubber seals conforming to the actual European requirements for potable water installations.

Minimal maintenance

The strainer is the only part of the pressure reducing valve requiring maintenance – it is designed to be easy maintained and is ready for operation again in no time.

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