Silenta Extreme

The Silenta Extreme Piping System is sound insulated and resistant to fire for hot and cold as well as acidic liquids and is suitable for the disposal of domestic wastewater.

Silenta Extreme is a new PP-based halogen-free, resistant to fire (B-s1, d0) and noise-insulated [18 dB(A)] soil, wastewater and drainage piping system, especially developed and being produced to the highest technological standards for you to increase your building safety and comfort with its improved features and structure. Due to its halogen-free feature, it does not emit any poisonous and lethal gases in case of fire.

It is manufactured with the latest generation of multilayer (three different layers) polypropylene technology according to the requirements of EN 1451, EN 13501 and EN 14366 standards. The pipe diameters range from 50 mm to 200 mm. The system also includes bases and fittings with additional accessories.

value-bar-icon-1 Excellent sound insulation

Silenta Extreme offers excellent sound insulation. The system thus contributes to both a higher property value and a better quality of life in the building. This system is approved in accordance with EN14366 and DIN4109.

value-bar-icon-1 Flame-retardant

The Silenta Extreme sewage pipe system has flame-retardant properties and fulfills the requirements of the EN 13501 standards. According to EN 13501 norms, the fire performance is B; hardly combustible, s1; very weak smoke emission and d0; no dripping during a fire.

value-bar-icon-1 Halogen-free

Silenta Extreme is a PP-based halogen-free solution therefore there will no occurrence of any deadly toxic gases during a fire.

value-bar-icon-1 Acid-resistant

With a pH resistance of 2 to 12, Silenta Extreme resists both organic and inorganic acids, making it an excellent alternative to cast iron systems.

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