PPro-Seal™ Natural Polypropylene Piping System

PPro-Seal™ Natural PP is a pure, durable and robust product that is easy to use, fast to install and has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.

PPro-Seal™ PP is ideal for use in piping systems where purity is not just required, but essential. To preserve cleanliness and prevent contamination, all PPro-Seal™ pipes, valves and fittings are specially packaged at the point of manufacturer. Like all thermoplastic products, PPro-Seal™ will not rust, pit, scale or corrode. It is not subject to electrolysis, providing years of maintenance-free, leak-free service. It is also very rugged.

Chemical/corrosion resistance

PPro-Seal™ has excellent resistance to attack by most organic and inorganic chemicals in common use. In general, it is attacked only by strong oxidizing acids.


PPro-Seal™ has excellent impact strength at ambient temperatures and retains much of its impact resistance down to 0°F (-17.8°C).

Low installation costs

The system is easy and fast to install, with GF’s electrofusion technology and threaded fittings offering a fast and simple installation procedure.

Meets FDA requirements

PPro-Seal™'s compound meets the stringent requirements of the FDA 21.CFR 177.1520 Sections A1, B, C.


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