Malleable cast iron fittings

Malleable cast iron fittings are designed according to the EN 10242 standard and available in black and hot-dip galvanized versions. They are threaded according to EN 10226-1. The material ensures resistance against mechanical stress and long durability.

With their extensive history and tradition, malleable cast iron fittings are the most common pipe fittings. Because of their durability and mechanical strength, these fittings are very popular. The material is able to endure high mechanical stress and when combined with the standardized jointing method can be used in a wide range of applications.

The plus of a new thread concept

Fittings are produced with corrosion-retardant and reinforced (free outrunning) internal threads, which enforce the mechanical resistance.

The plus of precise manufacture

Angle exactness and the measurement accuracy of threads ensure precise pipelining on higher lengths, making it possible to generate high metallic pressure for sealing.

The plus of the material

The fittings are made of high-graded whiteheart malleable cast iron, and in the case of a hot-dip galvanized surface, galvanized with highly pure zinc, suitable for drinking water.

The plus of service and support

Technical advice and data for the largest assortment of CAD and BIM producers is available.

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