GF Piping Systems offers a wide range of technologies to measure levels in tanks either continuously or to detect point level thresholds. Due to the high diversity of process liquids and types of vessels, different methods are required to keep control of fluids - not only in piping systems but also in tank applications.

Continuous level control detects the level in a tank continuously.  Depending on application requirements and characteristics of the process liquid, either a non-contact or contact device can be utilized.  GF level sensors provide accurate level information through analogue or digital signals to ensure easy interfacing with PLCs.

To maintain full control over the liquid level in tanks, point level switches can be used for a physical detection of critical filling levels. These instruments provide additional safety and control. They are often installed together with a continuous level sensor as a back-up system; and can also be used to directly control filling and emptying process.

The radar principle is the most advanced measuring technology to measure tank levels even in challenging conditions such as in chemical fumes, pressurized tanks or light foams. GF's non-contacting radar is favored due to its safety and long-term reliability and used for corrosive and fuming process liquids.

In vessels containing heavily agitated liquids or dense foam layers, the guided radar level transmitter is an even more reliable choice. It offers great performance on low dielectric liquids and foams, high-performance coatings available to protect contacting probes from liquid and is ideal for compact tanks.

Integration is easily done thanks to universal interfaces. Simple commissioning onsite via display or PC configuration tool. One partner to cover all your requirements in tank level measurement.

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