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Stuart Hamilton, Chair of the Water Loss Specialist Group at IWA, and Head of NRW Development – Miya Water

Stuart is currently chair of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group and the CWWA Caribbean Water Loss Specialist Group. Stuart has written many papers and has also co-authored four books for the IWA and 1 for the AWWA, with one released earlier this year in 2021, ‘Improving Water Supply Networks – Fit for Purpose Strategies and Technologies’ and another in 2020, an updated version of the book ‘Leakage Detection‘. 

Stuart is a qualified civil engineer, chartered environmental engineer, and chartered manager who studied at Northampton and Huntingdon university in the UK. Stuart started working in the water industry in 1980. He spent 14 years with Anglian water before leaving to set his own company delivering worldwide NRW projects and has worked within the NRW arena in over 40 countries. 

In 2018 Stuart joined Miya Water as the Director of International Business Development and is also a Head of NRW Development.

Rodrigo Riquelme, Water and Sanitation Lead Specialist at the Inter American Development Bank

Rodrigo Riquelme joined the IDB at the Water and Sanitation Division in 2008 as Water and Sanitation. He is a Chilean chartered civil engineer specialized in infrastructure and water. He studied his degree in the University of Chile and also holds a Master of Science in water resources and technology from Birmingham University and an MBA from the University of Leicester both in the United Kingdom. He has more than 20 years of experience in analysis, development and implementation of operational and infrastructure projects in the water sector. Mr. Riquelme worked in different water utilities in Latin America and United Kingdom in operation improvement, planning and management of infrastructure. He developed asset management schemes for infrastructure in Chile and Australia. In the solid waste sector he has managed municipal solid waste projects which included design, contract development, procurement and construction

Christoph Lüthi Christoph Lüthi

Dr. Christoph Lüthi, Head of the Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)

Dr. Christoph Lüthi is an urban infrastructure planner with over 25 years of experience in planning and design of urban infrastructure in middle and low-income countries. He holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Development Planning from the University College of London (UCL), and a PhD in Urban Planning & Engineering from TU Berlin. He has conducted applied research on urban planning and infrastructure issues in over 20 countries in Africa and Asia. In 2005 he joined Eawag-Sandec as Leader of the Strategic Environmental Sanitation Planning Group. Since 2015 he has headed the research department Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development (Sandec) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Research and Technology (Eawag).

Olivier Narbey, Senior Business Development Manager at GF Piping Systems

Olivier has over twenty years of experience in sustainable development and water issues. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering from ENGEES Strasbourg, France in 1999 and holds an EMBA from ESADE Barcelona . He gained experience in municipal water systems design, construction and operation on a global level with resident positions in Mozambique, Gabon, Armenia, France and Algeria. Olivier built skills in Non Revenue Water and constancy of supply through very large scale projects across the globe. Since joining GF Piping Systems in 2018, his focus has been on supporting its global customers and partners with cutting-edge technology in the field of piping construction and repair, leakage reduction and pressure management.