ELGEF Plus Y-Tapping Saddle

Shaping the future with tool-less assembly, optimized flow and gas-free tapping of PE pressurized piping systems.

Electrofusion Tapping Saddle

The new ELGEF Plus Y-tapping saddle brings service connections to the next level featuring tool-less assembly and an additional safety on site. The innovative Y-shaped design with optimized flow characteristics and reduced pressure losses helps reducing operational cost of the network. With an overall low installation height, there is a  reduced risk during excavation work to damage pipes.


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ELGEF Plus Y-Tapping Saddle in action

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Unmatched ease of installation

The assembly of the saddle on the pipe is tool-less with an included fast clamping system. Built to provide ease of installation without interrupting a running system. Additional safety for the whole team on site is given during subsequential excavation work thanks to an outlet position below the pipe apex. 

Check out our installation video for a safe and rapid installation.

Unique characteristics

The patented Y-shaped tapping saddle joins the market-leading ELGEF Plus polyethylene system portfolio for pressurized piping systems (PE100/HDPE/PE-RC). With its technical highlights it shapes the future of water and gas applications reducing the loss of resources.

Meet the new ELGEF Plus Y-Tapping Saddle: Tool-free assembly, expendable belt, extended lifetime, fixed end stops, optimized flow, and leak-free tapping.

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More about ELGEF Plus Y-Tapping Saddle

What materials are compatible with the ELGEF Plus Y-Tapping Saddle?

The Y-Tapping Saddles are suitable for welding to PE standard pipes made of PE 63, PE 80, PE 100 and PE 100-RC whose melt flow rate (MFR) is between 0.2 and 1.4 g/10 min and corresponds with the common pipe standards EN12201-2, EN 1555-2, DIN 8074/75, ISO 4427-2 and ISO 4437-2. The saddle outlet is compatible to fuse with electrofusion fittings complying to the EN 1555 & EN12201 standard.

For which applications is the saddle suitable?

  • Gas and Water applications
  • House/Service connections 
  • Branching-off
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial applications
  • Hydrogen distribution

Can a pipe support clamp be used on the outlet for connecting a pipe?

Yes, for tensionless installation the use of a pipe clamp is recommended. The clamps in our product range are suitable to use and fit to the outlet.

Can the tapping dome be permanently closed for access protection?

It is possible to close the top of the tapping part with a ELGEF Plus electrofusion cap. It is optional, the screw cap in the left picture is sufficient for closing it. The EF cap is normally used for access protection.  

Does the outlet spigot need to be peeled?

No, the outlet spigot of the saddle does not need to be peeled on condition that it is used immediately upon removal from the protective bag. We recommend cleaning the outlet spigot using Tangit PE cleaner.

In case that the outlet spigot must be peeled, we recommend the use of a RSE peeler.

What sizes are available for the ELGEF Plus Y-Tapping Saddle?

 Main    Outlet

 d32 & d63 




Smaller sizes in development


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