Making Big Connections in PE

Sustainable large diameter solutions in PE (polyethylene) make your advanced piping networks easier, faster and more economical. Big diversity with no limits in designing your piping networks

GF Piping Systems leads the way in long-lasting corrosion and maintenance-free solutions for large dimensions up to d2000. Our comprehensive PE systems offer fast, safe and reliable zero leakage connections with expected 100 years of lifetime. Customizing teams forge the best solution that fits you, with off-site prefabrication, developing custom-made parts and individual consulting. 

Long-lasting solutions

Corrosion-free systems made of PE plastic provide long-lasting solutions with an estimated lifetime of 100 years for water and gas appliactions.

Easy trenchless laying

The material-specific flexibility of the PE systems allows trenchless laying, including relining and horizontal directional drilling. This reduces construction times and follow-up costs on the surface and avoids unnecessary damage to the infrastructure.

Highly cost-effective

PE systems are less expensive to maintain during their lifetime, because they do not corrode. Their low weight makes it possible to reduce heavy transport equipment on the construction site.

Safety through flexibility

The natural resiliency of PE pipes means they absorb surges in pressure, vibration and stress caused by soil movements such as earthquakes. This reduces the risks of breaks and leaks, keeping the water and gas supply continuous.

What are the top four issues that operators and engineers face when working with large dimension building projects? Find out how GF Piping Systems experts can solve your pipeline challenges in water and gas supply.

Are you struggling with the effects of rigid pipe installation?

Big, open-trench methods are needed when rigid ductile iron pipes or steel pipes are used, while also demanding more safety and certificates for welds.



Trenchless laying

The flexibility of a PE system allows for trenchless laying. This reduces construction times, meaning less excavation work and costs on the surface and avoids disturbance to the population and infrastructure.

At a loss on how to reduce non-revenue water?

33% of the world's drinking water is lost due to leakage in the aging infrastructure.



Corrosion-free and reliable connections

PE systems have an expected lifespan of at least 100 years. They do not corrode and therefore are maintenance- and leak-free. PE welds are fused to make a single piece and are weatherproof to remain impact-resistant under all climatic conditions.

Not sure how safe your installation is?

Bad installations on gas pipelines cost on average € 1 Million – which often fail due to improper installation.



Ultrasonic NDT

For complete peace of mind, digitized solutions like Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) provide ultrasound scans to look for any potential defects and tightness of welds and pass tests, assuring safety before operations begin.

Do you need training and on-site support?
Do you lack experienced installers for installation?

On-site training and support is critical to the proper installation because this influences the total service life of your system.



Training – Specialized Education

Instructional courses and on-site support in the local language can help you to teach your customers or installers essential knowledge for the welding of pipes and piping components

Getting everything from one source means comprehensive solutions that are perfectly compatible and customizable without any limits in designing your piping networks. A combination of fittings and tools with state of the art fusion and jointing technology results in reliable and cost-efficient installations.


Discover all the application areas where GF Piping Systems can support you:

Large-dimension building projects demand materials that are up to the task. Developers and operators continuously face corrosion issues that lead to expensive damages and water leakages,  when working with metal piping systems. Here we provide you with some examples of our reference cases on how to build a big, tight and reliable pipeline with PE for an expected lifetime of 100 years. Contact us for your next big project. 

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Reference Case: Azomures fertilizers producer, Tirgu Mures, Romania

GF Piping Systems Romania was approached with rapid retrofitting of old DN900 steel pipes for process cooling. 
Thanks to the fast installation of the ELGEF Plus branch saddles with the topload tool, butt fusion machines and on-site training the installation experts completed replacement of the piping network during the one-month maintenance period. 

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Reference Case: Publiacqua waterworks, Florence, Italy

A giant sinkhole caused by a leaking cast iron pipe swallowed thirty cars

GF Piping Systems Italy was approached and responded with a rapid 24 hour installation. Water supply was restored thanks to the ease of installation with ELGEF Plus couplers, pipe-in-pipe couplers and MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus flange adaptors.

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Reference Case: FARYS Water Utility,Gent, Belgium

Retrofitting of large diameter transport lines in densely populated city areas often confronts water utility companies with major challenges. The trenchless installation, combined with Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)  minimized risks and increased peace of mind. 

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Reference Case: Fire protection in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Fire protection plays a key role in commercial buildings. To ensure the highest level of safety and reduce insurance costs, ELGEF Plus fittings with the FM approval were installed. Moreover, an easy and quick installation with the building's pipeline was achieved with the and MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus coupler.


Reference Case: Agristo food processing plant, Wielsbeke, Belgium

To secure reliable and cost-efficient food production, 100% safe and steady gas supply is critical.

To guarantee the best jointing quality of the gas pipeline, the installation process was done with ELGEF Plus couplers, tools, welding machines, and documented by the Track & Trace digital data collector tool.

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