New infrared welding machine IR-63 M, the first machine of the new series of IR machines to replace the IR-Plus series

IR-63 M Infrared Fusion Machine

GF Piping Systems combined the time-tested and reliable IR fusion method and advanced it with the latest cutting-edge technology for higher precision, enhanced efficiency, and unwavering reliability of your installations.

20% reduced preparation time

Individual-facing values on both sides enable flexibility in design and installation. Perfect for precise prefabrication.

30% fewer process steps

The touchscreen interface enables more efficient processes to increase the performance of the operator.

50% reduced cooling times

What sets the IR-63 M apart is its up to 50% reduced cooling times, helping to shorten installation times and the overall project cost.

Redefined solutions

Unleash the power of infrared fusion with the new IR-63 M machine, which enables highest reproducibility, reliability, and efficiency for installing a plastic piping system.

Redefined functions

The IR-63 M is optimal for jointing pressure piping systems in industrial settings. It seamlessly merges the trusted functionalities of GF’s IR welding technologies with innovative features designed to make jointing faster, easier, and more reliable.

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Redefined precision

The IR-63 M is meticulously designed for high-precision welding, whether at the workstation or for remote installations.