Proven material and jointing technology - newly combined.

The newly introduced IR PVC-U system is a groundbreaking solution for the chemical processing sector and water treatment applications. The new IR PVC-U system combines two fields of expertise at GF Piping Systems, bringing together the heritage of the PVC-U piping system and the market-leading infrared welding machines. It eliminates cementing and, at the same time, improves chemical resistance.

Integrated quality and traceability

Machine controlled process limits the risk of human error and also the process saves the parameters for each weld.

Improved conditions

With the welding process we can improve the workplace safety with the avoidance of hazardous fumes which would require suction or ventilation.

Reliable jointing technology

With the IR PVC-U system we create a new level of process reliability and security.

Improved safety

With the elimination of fumes from the solvents contained in the cement, the work environment gets safer.

Sustainable material

By adding the Bio attributed material to all PVC metric pressure pipes produced in Europe, a reduction up to 90% of the CO2 emissions is achieved.

Global availability

Worldwide sales, service, and availability of products from our trusted global partner network.

Chemical Resistance

With welding obstacles are eliminated, as there is no cement needed for the insallation. Now it is even possible to use PVC-U with media like Sulfuric acid at 98%.


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