Infrared (IR) Fusion Machines

IR fusion machines, designed and produced by GF Piping Systems, meet the highest demands of mechanical stability, reproducibility and quality of fusion jointing. Typical application areas include the process and microelectronic industry.

IR fusion machines are characterized by contact-free melting of the components to be fused. This eliminates the possibility of contamination or the pipe faces sticking to the heater. Due to the minimal defined welding bead, there is a good flow in the fusion zone, which increases the free passages of the pipe. The machine covers materials including PVDF (SYGEF), ECTFE (SYGEF), PP grey (PROGEF), PP-n (PROGEF Natural) PE100 (ecoFIT) and PFA. The dimension range starts at d20 mm and goes up to d400 mm.  

Weld Bead Inspection (WBI) Tool

Built to provide peace of mind for piping systems in the microelectronics, chemical processing, life science, and energy sectors, the WBI Tool assesses the quality of infrared-weld beads more reliably than ever.

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