UD 2100 ultrasonic doppler flowmeter

The UD2100 flowmeter from GF Piping systems is specifically designed for challenging flow applications with dirty, aerated, abrasive, corrosive and/or caustic media – applications where the most regular flowmeters would be defeated.

Whereas conventional flowmeters are based on cost-intensive installation of fittings and the need for media contact to perform an accurate measurement – the GF UD2100 from GF piping systems relies on contactless ultrasonic doppler flow measurement.

Thus, thanks to the clamp-on design and non-invasive measuring technique of the GF UD2100, the device can easily be mounted without interrupting the production process. Particles or aggressive chemicals contained in wastewater, slurry, abrasives, sediments or others have – despite to conventional flow measuring techniques - no effect on the flowmeter's lifetime.

Easy installation

With its contactless clamp-on design the GF UD2100 can be installed without cutting the pipe or shutting down the flow. Installation and configuration of the device is done in less than 10 minutes.

Ready for digitalization

Providing various communication options from 4-20 mA, HART, Pulse to Modbus output. The GF UD2100 is ready to be integrated in your plant digitalization processes.

Designed for robustness

With non-invasive ultrasonic technology the GF UD2100 sensor cannot be harmed by any abrasive, corrosive or otherwise aggressive media containing particles, chemicals or other harsh substances. This ensures longer lifetime and less maintenance costs in comparison to all other invasive measuring technologies.

Keeps your process running

Being virtually maintenance-free. Cleaning or recalibration is – beyond any normatively required actions – not required. However in case of any required maintenance actions, you can keep your process running, no need for shutting down the flow.

Suitable for all dimensions

The flowmeter is suitable for all dimensions from d16 (1/2 inch) to d4500 (180 inch) and is largely independent of the medium, piping material, installation site and other factors. This means that the GF UD2100 facilitates the choice of suitable sensors significantly.

Typical applications

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Mining
  • Paper Mills
  • Monitoring of manufacturing processes with dirty liquids
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