Ultimate fire protection: Fire retardant system to bring lightweight, corrosion-free thermoplastic piping systems in essential applications onboard.

The demand for thermoplastic piping systems for marine applications has grown considerably over the last few years. The lightweight, corrosion-free, and long-lasting alternative to traditional steel and metal piping systems is the ideal solution to increase the efficiency of cruise ships, merchant fleets, offshore platforms, and floating wind farms. Thanks to the newly developed fire retardant system HEAT-FIT, thermoplastic piping systems can be used for essential applications (L3) onboard.

The unique fire retardant system HEAT-FIT copes with the strict fire resistance regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and makes thermoplastic piping systems resistant to temperatures around 1,000°C for at least 30 minutes under pressure. The co-extruded pipes and pipe jackets are made of durable and flexible materials and can sustain highly demanding marine industry conditions.

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GF Piping Systems has been the global marine industry partner for over 30 years and supplies non-corrosive and lightweight thermoplastic piping systems. Thanks to the innovative fire retardant system HEAT-FIT, the range of applications of thermoplastic piping systems has been extended from non-essential to essential applications (L3), which require increased safety standards.

Application possibilities are in machinery spaces, pump rooms, cargo pump-rooms, RO/RO cargo holds accommodation services, and control spaces under the categories A, B, C, D, J, and K of the fire endurance matrix according to IMO A. 753 (18) regulations.

Video Series

Watch the video series to learn more about the development of the intumescent technology, how HEAT-FIT protects thermoplastics from fire, and where the fire retardant system can be applied.

How to comply with IMO regulations when using plastic piping systems in essential applications (L3) onboard?

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