Modern-day mining requires innovative products and solutions because of the degree of automation and mechanization and the rising pressure of costs. GF Piping Systems offers innovative and efficient solutions.

Mining sector is one of the key major contributor to Indonesia's economic growth over many decades. And for over 20 years, GF Piping Systems Indonesia has become part of mining ecosystem through plastic piping systems product in terms of safety, quality, economy and maintenance.

Your Mining Solution

Products and applications from GF Piping systems fulfil the highest expectations in the harsh environment of mining. 

Piping systems must also meet the highest level of quality standards regarding safety, efficiency and maintenance in mining. 

Plastic piping systems have been used for decades to convey fluids and it makes no difference whether it is water for transporting slurries or hazardous liquids for specific purposes in mining, such as sulphuric acid, sodium cyanide, hydrogen chloride, sodium hydroxide, carboxymethyl cellulose, etc. 

When the right plastic piping systems from GF Piping Systems are in use, corrosion presents no problem.

Mining Segments


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