Socket Fusion Machines

Compact, reliable, efficient and extremely versatile, GF Piping Systems socket fusion machines are the result of decades of experience in socket fusion.

With a wide range of manual and mechanical variants to choose from, GF Piping Systems socket fusion machines are ideal for the job site thanks to their space-saving dimensions. They are engineered to ensure perfect coordination and high temperature accuracy throughout the fusion process, while the short fusion times prevent distortion of the pipe ends and create a strong, homogenous joint. They are suitable for various pipes and materials.

Homogenous joint guaranteed

The socket fusion machine’s fitting socket, pipe end and heating elements are engineered to work in perfect harmony to create a homogenous pipe joint each and every time.

Compact, robust design

The sturdy design eliminates vibration and distortion on the machine bed, while the compact dimensions allow these machines to be used almost anywhere.

High temperature accuracy

After heating the pipe ends, the fusion temperature is maintained at the same level to avoid loss of quality and ensure a consistent weld seam.

Wide range of applications

These socket fusion machines are suitable for industrial applications, gas/water distribution systems and building technology. Multiple materials are supported.

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