Wastewater Treatment

Diminishing water quality of Earth’s rivers and lakes – GF Piping Systems helps preserve them with high-grade equipment for wastewater treatment plants.

Wastewater treatment plants are rapidly becoming water resource factories. This commands for new advanced treatments and process intensifications, such as membrane and physico-chemical treatments. This also places the automated sewage handling on the critical path for operators, to lighten the burden on their shoulders, an area where GF Piping Systems gladly helps.

Membrane technology, chemical dosing systems, and polymer preparation are applications that require efficient water conveyance systems. GF Pipings Systems products are designed for maximum uptime reliability and maintenance simplicity with our Process Automation solutions and a minimum of energy consumption during operation.


Key applications

GF Piping Systems develops application-oriented system solutions that enable profitable operations and are ideally suited for the water treatment industry. We support our customers in implementing sustainable, future-oriented, and well-designed plant concepts with state-of-the-art planning techniques to optimize the economic efficiency of processes.

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