Specified production and packaging of the PP-H system, coupled with recognized leach-out results and certified LABS-compliance, ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

GF Piping Systems' PROGEF Plus PP-H portfolio offers specified production and packaging processes preventing contamination before installation. Recognized leach-out results combined with certified LABS-compliance make PROGEF Plus possible to use for lower-demanding high purity applications. The portfolio is especially used in demanding applications in microelectronics, painting, and surface technology, where high surface quality and exceptional leach-out values are essential.

Cleaned Products

We've got you covered: Oil-free and LABS-compliant solutions for customized applications

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Limitless versatility with polypropylene (PP) welded system for the safe fluid handling in critical industrial applications.

PROGEF Standard

Polypropylene welded system (PP-H/PP-R) with unmatched chemical resistance and durability offering cost-effective operation with fast payback time.

PROGEF Natural

Polypropylene welded system (PP-n) for the safe transport of chemicals in food processing, laboratories and pharmaceutical applications.


Discover limitless versatility with the PROGEF (PP) system: Explore the extensive product portfolio, system applications and specifications - all in one brochure.
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