9950 Six-Channel Transmitter

Compact yet powerful, the 9950 Six-Channel Transmitter offers two, four, or six channels with two passive 4 to 20 mA current loop outputs and an optional Modbus module. ​

Six channels and advanced functionality

The 9950 Six-Channel Transmitter has the easy setup of a transmitter with the versatility of a controller. Connect up to six sensors with a daisy chain connection to the single transmitter. Multiple relay modes allow up to three signals to be used for the control of a single relay.​

The 9950 analyzer supports all like sensors or a mix of any GF Piping System sensors. Sensor types and accessories supported by the 9950 are GF flow (frequency and/or digital S³L), pH/ORP, conductivity/resistivity, salinity, temperature, pressure, level, dissolved oxygen, and any device that transmits a 4 to 20 mA signal when used with the single channel 3-8058 iGo® Signal Converter.

Introducing the 9950 Six-Channel Transmitter

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