Water Treatment

Sustainable water infrastructure: Water saving technologies for the water treatment industry

The water treatment market is faced with several critical issues, with increasing urbanization and global warming resulting in one of the biggest concerns, namely water scarcity. Also, regulation on water discharge is getting stricter and commodity prices are rising, while infrastructure is aging in the developed world. Furthermore, providers are under pressure to keep up with digitization, aiming to have a competitive advantage in the industry of the future. Improving the quality of water in order to reduce its impact on processes and the environment is always a challenge. GF Piping Systems steps up to these challenges with a comprehensive system offering of pipes, fittings, valves and the ideal jointing technology as well as an optimally adapted selection of components for automation technology.

sustainable water treatment solutions
Ensured safety

High water quality is certain at all times, with exact measurements, leak-tight systems and the best jointing technologies. Our solutions are long-lasting, even in harsh environments or when aggressive chemicals are transported. An unequalled level of engineering services completes the package.

High process and cost efficiency

Plant automation and optimization integrating energy and process data provides significant savings in energy consumption, operation and production efficiency.

Water saving technologies

Easy system integration for more efficiency in the work process with minimal manual intervention, faster set-up times, and easy diagnosis.

Sustainable process management

Plastic piping systems are corrosion and maintanance-free which reduces maintenance and repair. Smooth inner surfaces provide excellent flow rates and no deposits.

Managing the water cycle has become increasingly important and complex. Intelligent Process Automation technologies and products of absolute reliability make valuable contributions to the future. GF Piping Systems offers comprehensive solutions for all applications throughout the water cycle, from chemical dosing systems and media filtration applications to ion exchangers.

Process automation

Process Automation

The water treatment market is faced with several critical issues with increasing urbanization and global warming, resulting in one of the biggest concerns, namely water scarcity. Process Automation has an integral role within the growing need for water conservation. At GF Piping Systems, we offer deep application knowledge of the entire water treatment process. With our domain expertise, we have vast experience in overcoming water treatment process challenges.

Highest level of safety and reliability

Drinking water, wastewater, desalination plants, aquariums, and leisure pools: Our customers face different challenges with regard to water treatment depending on the area of application - from ensuring high water quality to providing reliable measurements and complying with strict regulations.

Ion Exchange: Water Innovations, USA

As water grows more scarce, water quality gets increasingly loaded with dissolved solids over time – Water Innovations specializes in ion exchange and water recycling to produce deionized water. They allow customers such as printed circuit board manufacturers or aerospace engineering customers to closed-loop recycle their own water to meet their water quality requirements. GF is a long-term, strategic partner of Water Innovations, supplying a wide variety of process automation products. Reliability, support, and assistance from GF Piping Systems meant that Water Innovations resorted to using the whole family of products to help their customers recycle hundreds of millions of liters of water.

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Reverse Osmosis: Ekopak, Belgium

Ekopak uses the process automation offering from GF Piping Systems to outfit its containers sold as “water as a service” to provide sustainable water to customers. There is a high fluctuation of quality at the inlet of the system, meaning Ekopak needs to constantly monitor water quality at both the inlet and outlet of the system, as well as in between, to regulate the process. The Belgian company considers monitoring and process automation as the key to operating and delivering consistent quality to customers. GF Piping Systems solves the issues of Ekopak throughout their entire process, working closely with a sustainably-minded company for a more sustainable future.

Theme park: Europa Park Rust

Being a customer for many years the Europa-Park made the decision to replace its old metal butterfly valves with GF Piping Systems brand new plastic Butterfly Valve 565. Due to the significantly higher weight of the old and corroded metal butterfly valves, they were more difficult to operate and required more effort for annual maintenance than the modern plastic Butterfly Valve 565.

Leisure water park: InterSPA company for operations WONNEMAR Wismar mbH

On the verge of its 20th anniversary, the leisure water park in the north of Germany replaced the worn-out butterfly valves within the filter flushing system with the new Butterfly Valve 565. The challenge was finding a direct replacement for the old valves that could be replaced during the operation of the park to prevent costly downtimes.

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